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Lavish, all-action dramatic spectacles based on the lives of six men who shaped the world around them, either by sheer force of will, genius, courage or even greed. Warriors describes powerful, magnetic personalities who have earned their place in the world's imagination, all prepared to die for what they believed in - whether it was God or gold, the pursuit of power and glory or a magnificent ideal. From Spartacus, the gladiator who brought Rome to its knees, to the audacious military genius Napoleon, this series combines absorbing drama with CGI to ask what were the motives, the strengths and even the weaknesses that drove these men to achieve what no one else had dared. The amazing stories of Hernan Cortez, Attila the Hun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Richard the Lionheart are also included.

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Episode Description


Richard The Lionheart

Was Richard the Lionheart a heroic warrior, noble and wise? Or was he just a greedy thug who wanted to loot the Holy Land? This film shows neither view to be true. It reveals a Richard we have never seen before - a man motivated by Christian duty, struggling with the problems of leading a fractious international coalition, fighting a Muslim opponent who cannot be beaten.



Was Spartacus the dimple-chinned freedom fighter of Kubrick's famous movie? This programme reveals Spartacus as he really was - a brilliant leader of a guerrilla band, but a flawed and indecisive human being. Anthony Flanagan stars as the slave who took on the Roman Empire.


Attila The Hun

Exploring the myth of the crude Attila. Part genius, part psychopath, Attila is unlike the other Huns. A calculating, ruthless gambler, his one goal is conquest - and he's set his sights on Roman cities to test out his brilliant new siege tactics.


The Shogun

Samurai general Tokugawa Ieyasu became a towering figure of Japanese history by overthrowing the governing dynasty of Japan and becoming the Shogun (the supreme military leader) of Japan. Ieyasu's rise to power climaxes in the biggest Samurai battle in history, with 160,000 soldiers fighting for the future of Japan. On the way, there is a story of love for a reckless son, a politician in drag, a night-time Ninja attack, suicide and betrayal.



Cortés and his men arrive in Central America in search of riches. They cross the mountains and soon become allies with the Tlaxcalans. Once they reach Tenochtitlan, they are invited in but then proceed to insult the Aztec's customs and take their ruler, Moctezuma, hostage. Yet, when it is discovered that Cortés is a criminal, he must leave the city to fight the army that the king has sent after him. When he returns, he finds that a war has started and the battle over Tenochtitlan begins.


Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan - Many believe Genghis Khan was the incarnation of evil, but the real Genghis Khan is far more intriguing.



Hannibal - With 50,000 soldiers and 37 elephants Hannibal marched 1,500 miles from Spain to Rome, defeating the great nation not once, but three times.


Hannibal The Man, The Myth, The Mystery

This companion documentary to Hannibal looks at the history behind the renowned warrior.