101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (US)


In "101 Ways," contestants will match wits in a series of multiple choice questions, with one contestant being eliminated every round. But unlike any other game show in the world, the eliminated contestant will then be ejected from the show in spectacular fashion, i.e., being flown away strapped to the wing of a biplane, shot out of a cannon, pushed off the top of a moving semi truck, dragged underwater by a one ton anchor or yanked off a dock by a speed boat.

Episode Description


You Fuse, You Lose

Players who answer questions incorrectly leave the show by being strapped to the wing of a plane, dropped off the side of an 18-wheeler, flipped upside down in an exploding car and launched by dynamite.


Get Him Away From Me!

Contestants are eliminated by being towed by a powerboat, crushed under a monster truck, sunk by cannon fire and pulled up by a helicopter.


This Is the Scariest Thing I've Ever Done

Contestants are eliminated by being rolled down a ravine, being launched off a cliff in the back of a pickup truck, going through a flaming wall and flying off a cliff attached to a jet pack.


I'm Not Liking This at All

Contestants are eliminated by being dropped from the top of a building on a window washing scaffold, yanked and flipped off the side of a building and dragged away by a speeding limo.


Indiana Jeff & the Temple of Boom!

During a quest for $50,000, contestants who answer incorrectly are eliminated in spectacular fashions that include being sent skyward in a giant net, tossed out a window and launched by an exploding mining cart.


Drop Me, Man! Just Drop Me, DROP ME!

Players are eliminated by being attached to an anchor and sunk, launched out of a cannon, dropped into shark-infested waters and dumped into the ocean in a cart of fish.