20 Things to Do Before You're 30


Episode Description


First Thing

Finding themselves coming up woefully short of life achievements, Shona, Conrad, Zoe and Dominic decide to transform their neuroses into action - with their own personal list of challenges.


Second Thing

Zoe takes the decision that now is the time to start standing up for herself - no more Mrs Nice Guy. But it's not as easy as all that - and is Dominic really the best person to practise on?


Third Thing

It's Conrad's birthday, but a combination of presents suitable for a gay man and an inability to fix the photocopier send him into an identity crisis.


Fourth Thing

Shona finds out that, while Conrad had no trouble coming out to his parents as gay, he's never actually managed to admit to them that he smokes. Against his will, his task is set.


Fifth Thing

Dominic realises that out of everyone he knows he's the only one who's never punched anyone. With his reputation at stake, he sets out to rectify the situation - by looking for someone to punch.


Sixth Thing

The ongoing feud between Shona and Nadia comes to a head and Shona sacks her. But Nadia helpfully points out that Shona can't sack her, and that, in fact, she hasn't got the power to sack anyone...


Seventh Thing

Dominic decides that sleeping with someone who's married is definitely something you should do before you're 30.


Eighth Thing

The atmosphere in the office is awful. Dominic, now engaged after his abortive attempt at being single, finds himself stuck in an office with a very miserable Conrad and Shona.