20th Century Battlefields


Join hosts Peter and Dan Snow for an unprecedented look at the decisive conflicts of the 20th century. This new landmark series reveals the intricacies of these crucial battles -- the strategies, the weapons, the tactics and their impact. Unique CGI brings to life the vast landscapes of modern warfare and an extraordinary overview of the major actions, while the dramatized testimony of ordinary soldiers brings the experience of combat into sharp relief.

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Episode Description


1918 Western Front

Peter and Dan travel to the Western Front in France to investigate the battle that gave Britain and its allies decisive victory in World War One - Amiens.


1942 Midway

Peter and Dan explore a pivotal engagement in the war in the Pacific, when the fates of the US and Japanese navies were decided in just a few brief minutes.


1942 Stalingrad

Peter and Dan go to Russia to retell one of the most epic battles of World War Two, when the German and Soviet armies fought bitterly for every inch of Stalin's city.


1951 Korea

Peter and Dan examine the two most important engagements of the Korean War - a fascinating but largely forgotten conflict from the earliest days of the Cold War.


1968 Vietnam

Peter and Dan explore the Tet Offensive, a turning point in the Vietnam War that precipitated a huge change in American public opinion.


1973 Middle East

Of the many conflicts between Israel and the Arab nations of the Middle East, the war in October 1973 was one of the most crucial, as Peter and Dan discover.


1982 Falklands

Peter and Dan travel to the Falklands to explore the last battle on British soil, twenty-five years after the war to recapture the islands from Argentina.


1991 Gulf

Peter and Dan examine the United Nations-backed war to remove the forces of Saddam Hussein's Iraq from Kuwait.