240-ROBERT followed the exploits of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail. Utilizing helicopters, boats and a customized Ford Bronco, the team managed to extract hapless citizens from various dangerous situations. The series was based on the real life 240 unit of the Sheriff's Department.

Episode Description


The Apology

In this special preview movie the rescue team of the Sheriff's Aero Bureau and Emergency Services Detail save the occupants of a plane that has crashed into the ocean and a woman trapped on a mountain.



The 240 rescue team have to take drastic action after a famous retired stunt man makes a daring comeback attempt by trying the most death-defying feat of his career.



The 240 rescue team are forced to act quickly when a speedboat cuts short the test of an experimental diving bell by severing the air lines and imprisoning the two students 120 feet below the surface. In another development, a woman rescued by Thibideaux is an important person in the recording industry and vows to make him a star.



The 240-Robert rescue team faces a harrowing experience when they try to rescue two window washers clinging from a broken scaffold 40 stories up on a skyscraper, while beautiful members of a modeling agency inside the building watch with astonishment.


Acting Sergeant

An isolated mountain cabin becomes a makeshift operating room when Thib is forced to perform emergency surgery on an injured student after the 240 rescue team are stranded by fierce weather and rugged terrain.


Bank Job

A routine dive by Trap and Thib in a reservoir to recover stolen bank money takes a perilous turn when an attendant trips a valve, drawing Trap toward a huge drain that could crush him to death.


Out of Sight

Thib's career seems to be over when he loses his sight after a high-speed crash, and two doped-up kids in a car turn a gas station into a deadly inferno.


Time Bomb

Trap wants to transfer because Morgan is about to become the unit's first woman sergeant, but Trap and Thib must first cope with a lion running wild in the streets, and then face underwater death when given just seconds to disarm a time-bomb set to blow up an oil tanker.


Double Trouble

Trap and Thib receive some unusual support from sun worshipers at a nude beach as they attempt to rescue one of the nudists trapped in an awkward position, and Morgan is forced into a deadly situation when she must crash-land her chopper with two young boys aboard.


Poison Air

After the spectacular rescue of a panic-stricken woman stranded in a hot air balloon, Trap suits up for a pleasure dive with Morgan, unaware that a vengeful youth has spiked his air tanks with poison gas, and Thib undertakes a desperate off-shore race against time to save his buddy.



An earthquake rocks the county, spelling disaster and almost certain death for Trap and Thib when they become sealed in an underwater cave with two stunning but frightened models, as the water rises and a voracious moray eel goes on the prowl.


The Applicant

In a spectacular rescue high atop a collapsing Ferris wheel, Trap and Thib receive some daring support from a stunning policewoman, but then they're confronted by terrifying jaws of death when they must save a brash new member of the unit who panics in shark-infested waters.


Oil and Water

A man in a hang glider entangled in power lines brings Thib perilously close to a high-voltage death and Trap starts playing detective when he learns about Morgan's new love life.
Episode Description


A Cool Welcome

Trap gets a brash new young partner, named Cueva, and the unit also gets a new helicopter pilot named Harper.


First Loss

Cueva is stranded on a mountainside with a heart attack patient after the chopper he's riding in crashes; while the 240 Robert teams search for them before it's too late.



Trap and Sandy are stuck inside a bank when a robbery becomes a standoff with police.