A Child's World


A Child's World is a documentary television series which addresses the emotional and mental development of children from birth until their early teens. It is a fascinating series for parents as it gives an incredible insight into why your child does those annoying things that you don't understand. Mostly it's because he/she thinks differently to the way you think. Why do children ask so many questions, have tantrums and sometimes have trouble telling genders apart? It's all related to the development of their thinking and reasoning skills. This series was made in 2001 for British television and is narrated by well known Scottish actor Bill Paterson, who has done voice-overs for many documentaries as well as appearing in a number of TV shows and movies.

Episode Description


Mind Games

DVD release compilation episode of Series 1 episodes 1 and 2, run time 43:26. This episode covers the development of the ability to understand what others are thinking and learning empathy. Learning that other people think differently leads to the art of deception. Over time children learn how to lie in a way that is more difficult to discern.


The Facts of Life

DVD release, compilation episode of original episodes 3 and 4. Run time 45:05 This episode covers the development of understanding gender, time and the difference between living and not living.


The Independent Thinker

DVD compilation episode of original episodes 5 and 6, run time 46:17 The last episode focuses on how thinking develops from babies who can't think, through a stage of being stuck in the here and now to the development of logic, memory and reasoning. It covers why tantrums occur, the development of personality and emotions and through to independence.\
Episode Description


Life and Times

Life and Times - see how children need an understanding of time before they can begin to grasp the concepts of life and death.


The Lying Game

The Lying Game - how children learn the vital social skill of not always telling the truth.


The Engendered Species

The Engendered Species - how children learn about gender - their own and other people's.


The Thinker

The Thinker - how children acquire the tools necessary for abstract thought, logic and reasoning.


The Mind Reader

The Mind Reader - how children acquire an understanding of what goes on in the minds of others.


State of Independence

State of Independence - we reveal the long struggle to break free from parents and gain autonomy.