A Cook on the Wild Side


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s first television production, where his reputation was initially that of a chef who is prepared to try cooking everything; he has an unorthodox style of TV presentation. Hugh’s initial exposure came in Cook on the Wild Side, an exploration of earthy cuisine. His habit of "picking up roadkill and eating the hedgerows that earned him his nickname of Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall". This is a wonderful first 10 part series from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall that laid the ground work for The River Cottage & The River Cottage HQ. See Hugh “hit the road” in this wild food adventure.

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Episode Description



Out on the road, Hugh attempts to fish for his evening meal, a white witch stirs him up a rejuvenating brew and a former poacher shows him how to trap a rabbit for a stew flavoured with the day's gatherings - honey.



Hugh goes in search for some Norfolk poachers to help him hunt game for a pie and with help seeks out wild plants as flavourings. At the end of the day, Hugh has all the ingredients but worries about the ethics of a poacher and a gamekeeper sitting at his table.



In search of a diet with low cholesterol and less cost Hugh encounters two vegans who try to convert him to their philosophy of eating and continues his search for the prize fish for his soup.


New Forest

In this episode Hugh abseils down a cliff in search of samphire, and is cooked a weird meal by a group of travellers. He brings dessert - gooseberry icecream, made from berries collected earlier that day.



Hugh scours the Western Isles in search of a free meal and goes scuba diving for scallops, before learning how to make heather ale.



Hugh heads to London to see what its wild larder offers. Having turned down Trafalgar Square pigeon he heads to suburbia in search of garden snails, which contribute to the evening's feast - snails in garlic butter, grilled mullet and summer berry pudding.
Episode Description


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