A Farmer's Life For Me


Nine couples with a dream of leaving the rat-race have the opportunity of a lifetime when they compete to run their very own farm in Suffolk. In each episode, self-made pig farmer Jimmy Doherty introduces the couples to a different aspect of the business, to decide who will be next to leave the competition.

Episode Description


Episode 1

The nine couples must choose a plot of land and show how they would turn a profit. From ploughing to buying and housing livestock, this tough first challenge soon sorts the wheat from the chaff.


Episode 2

Eight couples are left fighting for the chance to run their very own farm in Suffolk. This week, Jimmy Doherty tests them in the competitive world of pig farming.


Episode 3

The couples are introduced to sheep farming, and are set a daunting double challenge.


Episode 4

Jimmy asks the remaining couples to go head to head at a farmers' market to see who can take the most money.


Episode 5

Jimmy Doherty's fledgling farmers are tested on their ability to make money from poultry.


Episode 6

The five remaining couples must learn how to milk sheep and goats.


Episode 7

The remaining three couples battle it out for the two places in next week's final.


Episode 8

With two couples left, Jimmy Doherty faces his toughest decision yet as he must choose who should have the chance to run their own 25-acre farm for a year. To help him make up his mind, he has come up with the farming day from hell.