A Man's Story


Kim Shin, a son of rich family, was living as a playboy, but one day his father’s company becomes entangled in a conspiracy of TS Group in the process of merging and closed by bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy, Kim Shin’s father sinks into depression and ends up hanging himself. Due to this incident, Kim Shin sets new goals in his life. He decides to make Chae to commit suicide because of money, and jumps into the stock market. He becomes a cool-headed M&A expert, and makes plans to break TS Group with Do Jae-myeong who has pried into TS Group like him. While trying into TS Group for the revenge, he learns that the president Chae is just a bad guy. Behind all the evil acts, there was the president Chae’s son, Chae Do-wu. With the battle of wits between Kim Shin and Chae Do-wu, the story of their complicated relationships with Kim Shin’s ex-girlfriend, Seo Gyeong-a and Chae Do-wu’s younger sister, Chae Eun-su unfolds.

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Episode Description


Episode 1

An expose on food factories puts Kim Shin's family business on the brink of bankruptcy, and pushes his elder brother over the edge.


Episode 2

Kim Shin avoids the loan sharks by staying in jail, but he struggles to survive when his cellmates end up being a bunch of tough gangsters.


Episode 3

Kim Shin finally learns how to earn the gangsters' respect. Chae Do Woo hones in on his target by ruining a rival company financially through the stock market.


Episode 4

Now free from jail, Kim Shin finds Kyung Ah as an in-demand bar hostess named 'Jenny'. A grisly murder brings up new grudges against Chae Dong Construction.


Episode 5

Knowing that Chae Dong Construction is behind the recent deaths, Shin plots revenge with Jae Myung, Kyung Tae, and Mun Ho's help.


Episode 6

Shin and Jae Myung begin their long con against Chairman Chae, but Eun Soo's arrival threatens their entire operation.


Episode 7

Do Woo captures Kyung Ah's loyalty, and tricks his wealthy friends to manipulate the stock market. Kyung Tae fears that Do Woo's presence in the market is a dangerous variable for their operation.


Episode 8

The crash of Chae Dong Construction's stocks is a crippling blow to Chairman Chae's health. Shin hopes to win Kyung Ah back with a proposal.


Episode 9

Shin and his team try to buy up enough stocks to gain majority ownership of Chae Dong Construction.


Episode 10

Do Woo goes ahead with his plan to demolish a poor village to make way for his dream: Neo Monaco. Meanwhile, Jae Myung tries to exact his own form of revenge against his father's killer.


Episode 11

Do Woo and Shin move their fight to a political arena when Do Woo intensifies his efforts to build his dream city.


Episode 12

Displaced citizens and the district mayor are in the line of fire as Do Woo and Shin try to outsmart each other of their money. Do Woo and Kyung Ah take their relationship to another level.


Episode 13

When the mayor is killed in a suspicious accident, Shin and Jae Myung will do anything to prove it's murder, with the help of an unlikely ally on the police force.


Episode 14

Shin plots to block Do Woo's ability to attain more land. Do Woo fears that Shin is replacing his place in Eun Soo's heart.


Episode 15

The agricultural venture seeks Shin's help when Do Woo and the mayoral office try to forcibly take the land away.


Episode 16

It appears Do Woo might just succeed when he turns everyone close to Shin against him.


Episode 17

Shin refuses to kneel in submission to Do Woo again, pushing Do Woo closer to the brink of insanity. Kyung Ah realizes she must take matters to her own hands when she sees Do Woo's instability.


Episode 18

Chae Dong Soo escalates the war between Do Woo and Kim Shin by setting off a plan to regain his company with Kyung Ah's help. But Kim Shin is not keen on this plan.


Episode 19

Eun Soo is in critical condition at the hospital. Do Woo becomes prime suspect in the case of her shooting, but his series of irrational judgments put others at great risk.


Episode 20

The final showdown between Do Woo and Kim Shin begins. But will Shin be able to pin all of the crimes successfully on Do Woo?