A Place of One's Own


A fatal investment mistake made top executive Git (Lawrence Ng) fell into disgrace and he was forced to resign. He decided to set up his own business. In order to procure enough capital, he had to sell his land in Tai O. Git and his good friend Cheong (Louis Yuen), therefore, took a trip to Tai O and there, they came to know Gun (Louis Yuen), the district community chairman, and his three lovely daughters, Sum (Nnadia Chan), Hei (Marianne Chan) and Lok (Lam Tsz Kwan). It happened that Gun's factory stood on Git's land, but Git could not prove the land was his. Therefore, he hid his identity and waited for the return of Uncle Chung, who was the only one who knew the truth. Meanwhile, Git and Sum became good friends and even fell for each other. A special feeling was also nurtured between Cheong and Hei . .