A Tale of Two Cities (1989)


Suspicion and espionage swirl amid look-alike suitors, unrequited love and the clash of the French Revolution in this Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic novel A Tale of Two Cities. When Charles Darnay (Xavier Deluc) is accused of spying, he's unexpectedly freed by a stranger (James Wilby) who could be his twin. But in addition to their looks, the men share something else: their love for a beautiful woman (Serena Gordon).

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Episode Description



Part One, , begins with the release of Dr. Manette (Jean-Pierre Aumont) from the Bastille in 1775. Five years later, dissipated attorney Sidney Carton (James Wilby) saves the life of Charles Darnay (Xavier DeLuc), the beloved of Dr. Manette's daughter Lucie (Serena Gordon).



Lucie Manette (Serena Gordon) choosing to wed Charles Darnay (Xavier DeLuc). This leaves Sidney Carton (James Wilby) out in the cold, but also sets the stage for the "far far better thing" he'll do on Lucie's behalf in Part Four. Meanwhile, the seeds of the French Revolution are sown when Gaspard (Jean-Paul Tribout) avenges the death of his child at the hands of the callous nobles. Coming up in parts three and four: The storming of the Bastille, the fancy needlework of Madame DeFarge, and Sidney Carton's curtain speech at the guillotine.