A.J.'s Time Travelers


Episode Description



Alexander John Malloy has always been the geek in high school, everything was upside down to him. But that changes when he discovers the time travelling, Kyros, and the adventure begins.


The Time To Be

To learn more about Kyros, A.J. uses it to travel to several time and space. When he decides to go back to the time before he was born, he meets his young, new wedded parents and accidentally changes history. And it's up to him and his friends to go back in time and rewrite it.


A Twitch In Salem

A.J.'s sister, Betty, accidentally discovers the Kyros and gets sent back in the years of 1600 centuries, and is being accused of being a witch. The only way to save her is someone traveling back in time to rescue her, but how can A.J. reach her, now that Kyros is gone in time?


A Parent Time

A.J. and Betty's parents are about to divorce. To save their marriage, the gang travel back to the ending years of 1960's to find out how they fell in love at first, to remind them the history they once shared together.