ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen


ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen is a reality television about nine teenagers from Manchester, who are trained by Michelle Fryatt, a former American beauty queen, to compete in the Miss Teen International 2006 beauty pageant in Chicago. Each week, the participants face a series of tasks designed to prepare them to compete in the pageant and at the end of each episode, girls are eliminated from the series.

Episode Description


Episode 1

Nine tearaway teens swap hoodies for high heels to battle for a place at a major US teen pageant.


Episode 2

Eight tearaway teenagers hope to become Miss Teen England International. Their next challenge? Championing a good cause.


Episode 3

Behaving like a beauty queen proves a tough challenge for the 7 remaining teens. Mentor Michelle Fryatt expects grace both on and off the catwalk.


Episode 4

The six remaining wannabe beauty queens face their toughest challenge yet - a full-blown pageant in Manchester.


Episode 5

Michelle challenges the three remaining teens to survive the media spot light as celebrities - but she didn't mean late night parties and boozing.


Episode 6

Michelle decides which teen deserves to be Miss Teen England. But can her chosen tearaway conquer the US teen professionals and bring home the crown.