Above and Beyond (2008)


A celebration of the courage displayed by Britain's armed forces since the Second World War.

Episode Description



Frazer Sheppard tells the story of how the Glorious Glosters earned a place in the history books by fighting a legendary battle in the Korean War in 1951.


Aden and Limbang

The story of a British officer who braved an ambush killing zone three times to rescue his men during the insurgency in the Crown Colony of Aden - modern-day Yemen - in the 1960s. Plus, a padre who was awarded the Military Cross and memories of a daring raid by 80 Royal Marines against 300 rebels in the Borneo.


Northern Ireland

John Moore from the East Midlands re-lives the night IRA gunmen opened fire and left him fighting for his life.


Black Buck One and Bravo November

Featuring the audacious long-range raid by a lone Vulcan bomber to prevent Argentine jet fighters using Stanley airfield during the Falklands conflict, and the story of the legendary RAF Chinook helicopter, Bravo November.


The Falklands

Veterans of the Parachute Regiment recall the brave actions that helped them to win the most important battle of the Falklands War.



Tales of bravery from the front line in Afghanistan, as members of the Grenadier Guards reveal how they captured a heavily-defended tunnel complex in Helmand Province.


Afghanistan and Iraq

Soldiers from the Mercian Regiment describe how they repeatedly braved murderous fire from the Taliban to reach wounded men, and an RAF Regiment corporal tells how he ran through a hail of enemy bullets carrying a stricken comrade.



This programme features non-conflict operations of the RAF search and rescue teams, with first-hand accounts from survivors of the Boscastle floods whose lives were saved thanks to the skills of the aircrew. And lorry driver Nigel Bucknell relives the nightmare in high seas on board the stricken Riverdance ferry, which eventually ran aground in Bl



The story of the men and women of the British armed services who formed part of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Bosnia Herzegovina in the early 1990s, and how nearly 200 of them won awards for their bravery.


Afghanistan and Iraq

Liverpool soldier Craig Lundberg tells the story of the night he was blinded by a rocket-propelled grenade during a rooftop battle in Iraq. And the Royal Anglians re-live an ambush by the Taliban in which Oliver Ruecker risked his own life to save a colleague trapped inside a burning vehicle.