Adam's Rib


"Married attorneys on opposite sides in the courtroom find it difficult not to bring their work home with them in this romantic comedy series based on the classic Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy film Adam's Rib. Assistant District Attorney Adam Bonner (Ken Howard) frequently clashes head-on with his wife, Amanda (Blythe Danner), a junior partner in an established law firm. But no matter how heated their arguments, Adam and Amanda never lose sight of their deep and abiding love for each other”even as they continue the hilarious, never-ending battle of the sexes that has raged ever since God created Eve from Adam's Rib." This show was created by part of the team responsible for the hit broadway musical "1776" - Director Peter H. Hunt, and Writer Peter Stone; and featured two of its stars, Howard and Danner - who had played Tom and Martha Jefferson in the play. This series was the next project the four worked on after completing the 1776 film in 1972.

Episode Description


Illegal Aid

Amanda sets out to prove that men are favored over women in cases of soliciting.


Two Pair of Pants

A small-scale war begins after a restaurant refuses to serve Amanda because she is dressed in a pants suit instead of a dress.


Danish Pastry

Amanda defends a theatre owner who is accused of showing a pornographic film called ""Danish Pastry"".


Separate Vacation

Amanda and Adam agree that Adam should still take a two-week vacation, even though Amanda is unable to leave work to join him. They soon find that temptation lurks close by for both of them.


The Unwritten Law (1)


The Unwritten Law (2)

Adam is the prosecuting attorney for a case involving attempted murder by a wife who shot at her husband after she caught him in the arms of another woman. Amanda defends the woman under the belief that women have just as much right as a man to protect the sanctity of the home.


Katey at the Bat

Adam and Amanda team up to help a young girl battle discrimination get into the midget league baseball.



Amanda takes on the case of a woman who hit a man for refusing to hire her as a jackhammer operator because she is a woman.


For Richer, For Poorer

After an old flame of Adam's has her husband thrown into jail for a failure to pay alimony, Amanda agrees to defend the husband.



Adam decides to do a little detective work when a multimillionaire is shot and his mistress gives an unconvincing confession to the crime.


Friend of the Family

Adam becomes jealous over the amount of attention Amanda shows her boss at a house party.


The First Hurrah

Adam encourages Amanda to run for City Council.


Too Many Cooks

Amanda plans her revenge subtly after Adam enrages her with a comment about cooking being part of her woman's duty.