"After M*A*S*H" was a spinoff of M*A*S*H which depicted the lives of some of the characters after they returned from the Korean War. Sherman Potter, Father Mulcahy and Maxwell Klinger each work at General Pershing, a Veteran's Hospital in Missouri. In the series we see Soon-Lee, Klinger's wife, again. We also meet Mildred, Potter's wife, for the first time. Besides these familiar characters, we meet many new characters. Mike D'Angelo is the administrative head of the hospital. Alma Cox is his assistant. She does a lot of work for Mike D'Angelo out of a secret love for him; however, he still seems to have feelings for his ex-wife. Bonnie Hornbeck is Alma's secretary. Dr. Gene Pfieffer is a resident at the hospital. Running only from 1983 to 1985, "After M*A*S*H" was a short-lived series with 30 episodes. Gary Burghoff guest-starred in two episodes, "Yours Truly, Max Klinger" and "It Had To Be You," reprising his role of Walter O'Reilly. In "It Had To Be You" Walter gets married. Edward Winter also reprised his role of Colonel Flagg in "Trials." None of the other actors from M*A*S*H appeared in "After M*A*S*H." The series has been rerun rarely since its first run. The final episode was never aired.

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Walter "Radar" O’Reilly, having been back from Korea for half a decade, has lost his family farm and his wife. Having joined the local police force he has his first case: finding his stolen wallet.
Episode Description


September of '53

Potter, Klinger and Father Mulcahy find that adjusting to civilian life isn't easy. Potter, not wanting to mark time in retirement, applies for a job at a VA hospital. Klinger spends time in jail before being offered a job by Potter. Father Mulcahy despairs over his hearing loss suffered in the M*A*S*H finale.


Together Again

After ear surgery, Father Mulcahy goes on R-and-R at General Pershing, where Klinger is battling Alma to find a room for a female patient.


Klinger vs. Klinger

Soon-Lee wants to bring her family to America; a semiconscious patient is brought in without proper papers.


Snap, Crackle, Plop

Klinger has a day to prepare for a civil-service exam.


Staph Inspection

A flasher and a staph carrier are on the loose just two days before and inspection by VA top brass.


Night Shift

Myraid crises call Potter, Klinger, and Mulcahy to night duty at the hospital.


Shall We Dance

In a campaign against depravity, Alma bans From Here to Eternity and objects to a dance for the patients.


Little Broadcast of '53

Klinger plays disc jockey on the PA system; a new nurse is being hazed; and Father Mulcahy has to contend with one patient who won't talk and another who won't stop.


Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Visitors' day attracts a group that includes a car-selling faith healer, a man dying too be admitted as a patient and an acrophobe whose brother is on the third floor.


Thanksgiving of '53

The Potters plan their first family Thanksgiving in a dozen years -- but the guest list keeps on growing.



Potter and Pfeiffer are thinking of leaving, but the discovery that a patient's leukemia may be linked to A-Bomb tests gives them both pause.


Bladder Day Saints

Pfeiffer gets the needle from an obnoxious paitent with a face that Pfeiffer says "only a proctologist could love".


All About Christmas Eve

Santa sprinkles surprises among his gifts to the staff and patients at the hospital.


Chief of Staff

Potter seems to be having more than his usual load of problems at the hospital.



Mulcahy gets entangled in red tape trying to get the VA to pay for his ear operation. A woman claims the hospital lost her son.


Yours Truly, Max Klinger

Klinger cites examples of how "things are always jumping" in a letter to Radar.


It Had To Be You

About to be married, Radar turns up at the Potters', panicky and determined to call the whole thing off.


Odds and Ends

Klinger gambles to provide for his unborn child. Scannell goes under the knife to remove migrating shrapnel.


Another Saturday Night

With Mildred out, Potter plans a quiet dinner, but the evening is interrupted by a stream of friends.


Fever Pitch

Boyer is steamed because he can't get a cooling blanket for a feverish patient.


By the Book

Klinger and Potter go prospecting: Klinger for uranium, and Potter for an antibiotic not approved by the VA.


Up and Down Payments

When Klinger goes house hunting, he winds up getting trapped by an agent.
Episode Description


Less Miserables

Klinger is in jail for socking a shady real estate salesman. Soon-Lee is in labor. A stranger is poking around at the hospital.


Calling Doctor Habibi

A new administrator arrives to take stock of the hospital. Klinger poses as doctor to avoid the police.


Strangers and Other Lovers

Potter is horrified to find himself stuck with Alma as his new secretary. The fugitive Klinger can't find a place to spend a chilly night.



The prosecution recount Klinger's wartime high jinks. Wally forces Boyer to perform an operation he feels he cannot do.


Madness to His Method

Potter writes to his old M*A*S*H colleague Sidney Freedman for advice after Klinger is sentenced to the mental ward.


The Recovery Room

Klinger tries to pick-up some extra money by filing for disability. Colonel Potter and Mildred have a tiff, and the Colonel walks out of the house. A new doctor, Andy Caldwell, is fearful of Dr. Boyer's hot flashes. Dr. Dudziak convinces Boyer to share a group therapy session with her and a few other veterans. Potter and Mildred make up and go off to a motel to spend the night together. Father Mulcahey does an early morning religion TV show.


Ward Is Hell

Klinger runs a lottery. The acerbic Dr. Boyer becomes a patient.


Saturday's Heroes

Wally bans passes just as Klinger is preparing to spend a weekend with his family.


Wet Feet

A Missouri thunderstorm leads Alma to practice her role as the hospital Civil Defense officer, the doctors to take refuge at a supply room poker game, and a mental patient to lock himself in the hospital fallout shelter after mistaking the storm for nuclear war.


All Day All Night, Mary Ann

The script for "All Day All Night, Mary Ann" was written but the episode was never produced.