Ainsley's BBQ Bible


Ainsley Harriott goes global in search of the world's best barbecue ideas.

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Jamaican reggae band the Coyabalites sing for their supper as Ainsley prepares spicy jerk chicken, peppered shrimp with chillies stuffed with goat's cheese and jammin' baked pumpkin, washed down with rum punch


South Africa

The energetic chef travels to the Cape province of South Africa, where he visits township taverns : butcher's shops with an all-day barbecue : and samples a Cape speciality of ostrich sosaties. Ainsley then cooks up cumin-crusted butternut squash, butterflied leg of lamb, pear and Parma ham bruschetta and peppered tuna with sweet potato chips



Thailand proves an inspirational location for a bountiful barbecue, as Ainsley Harriott experiments with the unique flavours of the oriental kingdom. He samples the fruits of the sea, enjoys a tribal feast and finds out whether Bangkok's answer to fish and chips is a match for Britain's favourite dish



The flamboyant chef throws another prawn on the barbie in Australia, outdoor cooking's spiritual home. He enjoys sophisticated sizzling in Sydney, before getting close to nature while learning the traditional survival methods used by Aborigines and Outback dwellers in the harsh conditions of the Bush



The enthusiastic cook visits the Greek island of Alonnisos at Easter, where he samples the potent local ouzo and, after being invited to a local wedding, demonstrates his culinary skills by preparing barbecued pudding. Also on the menu are kleftico parcels, garlic pitta fingers and chargrilled squid stuffed with spinach and mint



Flamboyant chef Ainsley Harriott creates korma courgette, chickpea burgers and his own barbecue sauce