Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder


Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder is a comedy sketch series. Each episode sees Al Murray in a variety of short sketches with different celebrity guests.

Episode Description


Episode 1

Prurient Dad Peter Taylor meets his daughter's new boyfriend; there's a sneaky peek at Ray Winstone's latest historical drama; and footballer Jason Bent is in two minds about his new contract.


Episode 2

Prurient Dad gets caught short, rock star Gary Parsley is not happy with his dinner and Barrington Blowtorch is caught with his hands in his latest victim's pockets.


Episode 3

Gary Parsley has written a new rock opera, Carol Price goes back into Duncan's Den, and Schwull is sent undercover.


Episode 4

Prurient Dad is selling his home-made produce at the local Farmer's Market. Barrington Blowtorch is accused of stealing his host's diamond necklace. And Ray Winstone tackles another historical great.


Episode 5

Airline pilot Roger Dennis accepts a wager, Gary Parsley has ordered a new piano, and Jason Bent is publicising a new charity.


Episode 6

Prurient Dad meets Jake's parents; Wayne Upman attends a funeral; and Schwull is feeling under the weather.


Episode 7

The PC PCs make a drugs bust, Schwull meets his match, and Prurient Dad carries out his duties as father of the bride.