Alan Whicker's Journey of a Lifetime


Alan Whicker travels the world on a journey reflecting his varied career. Celebrating a remarkable fifty years on our screens, broadcasting legend and undisputed travel king Alan Whicker dusts down his suitcase for a nostalgic journey around the globe. He revisits some of his most groundbreaking interviews, favourite destinations and reflects on his incredibly varied life and career. In this landmark series, Alan Whicker takes us on an autobiographical journey through the second half of the 20th century. Classic clips from Whicker's World are inter-cut with new material as the nation s best-known international reporter retraces his steps, catches up with past interviewees and reflects on how the world has changed for good and bad - over the last six decades.

Episode Description



The broadcaster looks back on the highlights of his TV career, revisiting some of his most famous interviewees and favourite haunts. In the first edition, he travels to Venice, a city of massive significance to him and one that is very close to his heart, to retrace his steps from soldier to journalist and his subsequent move into the then-fledgling world of television.


California Dreaming

The journalist continues his journey in California, revisiting an openly gay church that asked him to attend a same-sex marriage ceremony 35 years before they became legally recognised. He also meets the San Francisco police officers who invited him on patrol in 1979, and there is a look at the last-ever interview with Peter Sellers


The Americas

The journalist travels from west to east across America, where he tracks down a Hollywood plastic surgeon and his wife he met 30 years ago and re-examines the interview with Haitian dictator Papa Doc Duvalier that won him the prestigious Dumont Award. He also explores the wealthy closed community of Palm Beach, revisits the Sixties programme where he filmed the trial of a couple facing the death penalty and looks at footage of the country's first so-called serial killer


Hong Kong and Beyond

The journalist returns to Hong Kong, scene of many of his Far Eastern adventures, and looks at how much the territory has changed in the five decades since his first visit. Plus, he travels to Bali to see if the island has been able to preserve its unique charms - especially after the bombings of 2002 and 2005. He also meets the Britons who emigrated there after its attractions were highlighted in one of his programmes. Last in the series.