All-American Girl


This sitcom made mild history as the first network program to deal with a multi-generational Asian family (the Korean Kim family) coping with the shifts in attitude between the traditional grandmother, the transitional parents, and the more-or-less all-American grandchildren. Its failure stemmed from its uncertain focus on what it means to be Korean in contemporary California society, including the somewhat objectionable casting of Chinese and Japanese actors as Koreans, and from the treatment of standup comic Cho as a rather stereotypical Valley girl on the prowl for boys, in complete contradiction of her popular image as a tough-talking, upfront lesbian. In the latter episodes there was an attempt to shift the show into a show-biz formula, with Cho's character becoming manager of an inept rock band, but to no avail. There was, however, one superb performance: Amy Hill as the proud-to-be-assimilated, straight-talking Korean grandmother. I would have given Hill her own show immediately

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All-American Girl: A Look Back with Margaret Cho and Amy Hill
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Mom, Dad, This is Kyle

Margaret's mother disapproves of her new non-Korean boyfriend Kyle, prompting a furious Margaret to announce that they are going to move in together.


Submission: Impossible

To the delight of her mother, Margaret begins dating a Korean but finds the expectation that she behave as a traditional Korean woman beyond troublesome.


Who's the Boss?

Ruthie tries to take advantage of new manager Margaret; meanwhile, Margaret's grandmother becomes convinced that the family's run of back luck is due to bad feng shui in the house.


Yung At Heart

Grandma disappears at the mall, only to return home with a Korean businessman who begins to date her, then propos es. Grandma accepts, then must face moving away from her family to join his family in Florida. Meanwhile, a reluctant Casey learns the bookselling business for a school project.


Redesigning Women

Stuart's demure fiancée breaks the engagement after Margaret throws her a bachelorette party.



A book chain makes an attractive offer to buy out the Kims' shop; when the family decides to refuse, the chain opens a store across the street.


Mommie Nearest

When Margaret needs a reliable temp to work with her at the cosmetics counter, Ruthie and Gloria recruit her mother.


Take My Family, Please

Margaret does a standup routine about her family in a karaoke bar -- unaware that her parents are in the audience.


Exile On Market Street

Margaret has plenty of time to ponder her future when she's jailed the night before she's scheduled to take a law school entrance exam.


Ratting On Ruthie

Some expensive perfume vanishes while Ruthie is away from the counter she's supposed to be watching, and Margaret must decide what to tell management -- and she's aghast when for the first time in her life her mother refuses to tell her what to do.


Educating Margaret

Margaret dates a British film professor who, despite his passionate work, turns out to be a real bore.


Loveless in San Francisco

Margaret is horrified to find she is going through a ""dating slump"" when she can't attract a man; so Stuart suggests that she volunteer for work at his hospital in order to meet guys.


Malpractice Makes Perfect

Her brother's misfortune pleases Margaret -- until he decides to quit medicine and she must help him regain his perspective.


The Apartment

Hoping to find more privacy away from home, Margaret moves into an apartment with Ruthie and Gloria -- then discovers that Gloria likes to spend her time at home nude.


Notes from the Underground

Handyman Cody fixes himself up with Margaret after he works on her new basement living quarters, but her family constantly interrupts their encounters. Meanwhile, Grandmother gets a viewer-tracking device (""I get paid to watch TV? God bless America!"") but finds the responsibility too much for her.


Venus de Margaret

Margaret poses in the nude for her sculptor ex-boyfriend Leon; then chills on the idea when the statue is unveiled in front of her family.


A Night at the Oprah

Oprah Winfrey attempts to persuade Margaret to stay in college after she announces on live TV that she's dropping out of school to manage a rock band.


Pulp Sitcom

Margaret is plunged into a world of intrigue when her dad sets her up with a video distributor who's living a secret criminal life.


Young Americans

Margaret awaits a call from a potential employer, but her career aspirations are put on hold when she discovers that her new roommates haven't paid the phone bill.