All-American Muslim


What's it like to be a Muslim and living in the United States? This series attempts to find out, as it follows the daily lives of five American Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich., home to the largest mosque in the U.S. Each episode offers details of a world most Americans know little about -- the customs and celebrations of American Muslims, as well as the misconceptions, conflicts and differences they face both outside and within their own community. The families featured share the same religion but lead very distinct lives that at times challenge the Muslim stereotype.

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Episode Description


How to Marry a Muslim

Jeff is faced with a dilemma when he decides he wants to marry his Muslim girlfriend.


The Fast and the Furious

Football coach Zaban worries how fasting will affect his team as the holy month of Ramadan begins.


A Muslin Goes to Washington

Coach Zaban receives an invitation to join President Obama for an Iftar dinner at the White House.


Friday Night Bites

Coach Zaban's football team braces for their first game of the season. Because it is still the holy month of Ramadan, most of the team is fasting. Some people think that fasting will make the team stronger and more focused, others have their doubts.


Muslims Moving On

Newlyweds Shadia and Jeff are moving to a new house but Shadia has concerns about Jeff's dog. She's allergic, but it also raises difficult questions about her culture and her faith. New parents Nader and Nawal continue to adjust to life with baby Naseem.


A Chance at Redemption

The month of Ramadan ends, along with day-long fasting of food and water for most of the Fordson football team. After last week's crushing defeat, Coach Zaban knows that a victory tonight is crucial if they are to make it into the play-offs.


The Day the World Changed

The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks brings up painful memories in Dearborn. Meanwhile, Shadia and Bilal's mother is not pleased when they go to New York to get tattoos from Ami James ("NY Ink").


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