Dry-witted Amanda Cartwright tries to manage a hotel, despite mishaps involving her inexperienced son Marty, self-centered daughter-in-law Arlene, devoted cook Earl, and bumbling foreign bellhop Aldo.

Episode Description


All in a Day's Work

Amanda's hotel business will be finished unless she can smooth things over with a disgruntled hotel reviewer.


You Were Meant For Me

What's worse than the hotel being robbed? The robber falling for Amanda.


The Man Who Came on Wednesday

A raucous group of vacationing farmers turns Amanda's elegant dinner party into a hoe-down.


I Ain't Got Nobody

A corpse is discovered at the hotel. Worse yet, it seems to have wandered off.


My Cheatin' Staff

Aldo becomes enamored of a visiting stewardess.


Aunt Sonia

The hotel may not survive a visit from Amanda's aunt, a golf tournament, a room shortage, and the dancing chicken appearing in the cabaret.


Last of the Red Hot Brothers

The hotel is operating at its usual low rate of occupancy, but when Amanda's brother-in-law arrives, suddenly there's not enough room for the two of them.


I'm Dancing as Close as I Can

Amanda begins to get that old romantic feeling when her late husband's brother asks her on a date.


One Passionate Night (1)

A full moon seems to be having a romantic effect on the hotel staff -- especially Amanda and Zack.


One Passionate Night, the Aftermath (2)

Amanda and Zack's night of passion has evolved into a day of misery.


Amanda's Number One Son

Amanda is in dire straits after her son is lured away from working at the hotel. Can the place survive his departure?


I Was Wild About Harry

To commemorate her late husband, Amanda tries to organize a luau, but the weather does not cooperate.


Oh, Promise Me

The ghost of Amanda's first husband must be put to rest before Amanda and Zack can get married.