America's Money Class with Suze Orman


Episode Description


Class 1: Money Secrets Revealed

Face it to erase it! Stand in your truth and take the first step in eliminating your debt forever.


Class 2: Family and Money

Check into Class 2 to find out how to get Suze's 4 must-have documents to protect your family's future, what the cost of having a baby is, and learn the #1 way to plan for retirement!


Class 3: Financial Disaster

Check into Class 3 to learn how to avoid financial scams, save thousands a year, land your dream job and get Suze's Free Identity Theft Kit!


Class 4: Hidden Money

Check into Class 4 to learn how to find money you didn't know you had, the worth of your gold, and rules for investing!


Class 5: Money Mistakes

Check into Class 5 to learn about money mistakes you can't afford to make, what to know before co-signing a loan and how to avoid student loan traps!


Class 6: Ultimate Financial Lessons

Check into Class 6 to learn when to file for bankruptcy, how to prepare for a loved one's death and watch Suze surprise an Iraqi War hero.