America's Port


Episode Description


15 million dollar gamble

Capt. Michael Rubino teams up with Stickman Betz to navigate a ship with a towering crane under a bridge. With just feet to spare, the job requires precision and low tide. At the terminals, Frank Pisano has tried for six years to expand TraPac's container business. If this request isn't approved, he'll be out of $20 million. Port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz navigates political waters, pressing for TraPac's expansion. Then, the Coast Guard and Port Police stop an erratic sailboat at sea.


Bomb Sweep

Just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles is the Port of Los Angeles, the nation's largest container port and one of the most important trade gateways in the world. The anticipation of The Queen Victoria's maiden voyage, puts the Port Police on high alert. Later, the port receives a tip in the case of a missing college student; a boat in the local marina could hold clues to the student's disappearance. Meanwhile, conflict brews between truck drivers and port officials over a dirty truck ban.


15 Million Dollar Gamble


Stolen explosives


Bomb scare


Rush Hour in the Harbor

To keep Americas Port as safe as possible, Dr. Geraldine Knatz and Chief Ron Boyd travel to Israels largest port, the Haifa, to see a recent innovation in counterterror technology, the Protector, a patrol boat that can be operated by remote control up to 10 miles away. Meanwhile, back at Americas Port, a tireless crew of tugboat operators guides an immense freighter ship into port. Ready to take action 24/7, eating and sleeping below deck for two weeks at a time, this team is always prepared.


Black Market Bust

In its continued efforts to become green and reduce carbon emissions in the Los Angeles area, the port welcomes the N-Y-K Atlas, a new-generation hybrid ship that can run off electric power while docked. The Coast Guard rescues an injured sea lion stuck with more than 70 fishing hooks, and Geraldine Knatz promotes the ports green initiatives at the Rose Bowl Parade. Theres never a dull moment at Americas Port.