America's Worst Driver


Based on a wildly successful format that has been sold internationally in over a dozen territories, "America's Worst Driver" is a competition-based elimination series set out to determine what city really boasts America's worst driver. Each week, five bad drivers from a particular city will compete in a series of driving challenges designed to ferret out that city's worst driver'. The winner's' from ten of America's most iconic driving cities will come to Los Angeles for a two hour finale. Nine of them will eventually graduate' out of the finale until ultimately America's Worst Driver is crowned.

Episode Description


San Francisco

Buckle up! Bad drivers in San Francisco make a stop at a popular Chinese restaurant to get instructions for an impossible mission. Then it's off to an incredibly steep hill where drivers burn rubber to park. Find out who will move on to the finale.



Boston is one of the oldest and most confusing cities in the country. AWD will navigate the roads that were once laid out on the original paths between settlers' homes in the early 1600s, making Boston a spider web of streets and avenues.



America's Worst Driver visits Chicago, IL, in its continuing search for the worst driver in the country. Four new contestants will take on the roads of Chicago as they try to navigate the largest metropolis in the Midwest.



AWD heads south to Miami. This city is known for its sophisticated nightlife and Art Deco charm, but it also has some of the worst congestion in the country. The city is wedged between 2 national parks, with twisting highways, and a burgeoning population.



Drivers compete in scenic but congested Seattle.


Los Angeles

Four contestants travel from Sunset Boulevard to the congested freeways of Los Angeles as they compete to be declared as the country's worst driver.


New York




Finals (Part 1)


Finals (Part 2)