America's Worst Tattoos


"AMERICA'S WORST TATTOOS" highlights the unfortunate tattoo's back story, the process of covering it up and the big reveal.

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Episode Description


Crazy Clown, Bunny & Pony Obsessions

Regrettable body art and what inspired it are highlighted in this reality series, which begins with a woman who wants to transform an X-rated tattoo given to her by her ex.


Mermaids, Moons & Mistakes

A man with a "See More" tattoo on his buttocks wants a transformation.


A Squirrel, a Coyote, and an Actor

Clients in the season premiere include a man whose wife hates his lower-back tattoo; and a woman who made the worst deal of her life.


Elephants, Skaters, and Bears, Oh My!

A burlesque dancer with a distorted merman tattoo; a man's tattoo that resulted from a bad bet; a skater's shameful tattoo.


Zombies, Mummies, and Ravens

A man has outgrown a tattoo he got as a teen; a fitness enthusiast regrets a workout tattoo; a woman is ashamed of her comic tattoo.


Tattooing on Acid

A stand-up comedian has a tattoo that gets unintended laughs; a man regrets a tattoo done by an artist on LSD; a woman wants to get rid of a self-portrait.


Wieners and Losers

In this episode, a woman has a reminder of her failed career, another got a tattoo she never asked for, and couple get rid of a tattoo that is ruining their vacations.


Failures, Misunderstandings, and Cheap Shots

A lost bet results in a tattoo; a groom has a chest piece that must go before the wedding.


Daggers, Chicken Scratch, and a Stellar Cover-up

A Top Chef winner with a loser tattoo; a homemade tattoo gone wrong; a woman gets a cupcake tattoo.


Party Dogs and Evil Cupcakes

A tribute to a best friend; an attempt at vengeance; a doughnut tattoo looks like something else.


Exes, Anniversaries, and Another Man's Name

A tattoo that pays tribute; a woman's doughnut tattoo is disgusting.


Black Sheep, Grey Clouds, and the Three-Legged Fairy

In this episode, a woman's hip tattoo leaves her ashamed, a man pays tribute to his grandma with a tattoo that turned out perverse and another woman has a fairy tattoo that turns out to be well endowed.
Episode Description


He Spelled My Kids' Names Wrong!

Tackling the misplaced anger of a client; a client requests a biomechanical panel.


Tattooed in a Public Bathroom

Covering up a funny guy tattoo; a friend saves the day by suggesting the portrait of a movie star.


I'll Never Let a Boyfriend Tattoo Me Again

A fellow artists needs help covering one of her tattoos; a client's "party favor" tattoos.


Paying for a Tattoo With Beer

Trading a case of beer for a tattoo; breaking rule number one for cover-ups reinventing a portrait.


It's Coming Out of My Buttcrack

A horrendous pink elephant tattoo; a back tattoo in a bad location.


18, Stupid, and the Tattoo Was Free

Tim Pangburn's is challenged when one of the internet's most notorious tattoos enters the studio.


Got Ink?

A tattoo so horrible a client hid it during childbirth; a woman who inked herself at 14-years-old.


The Artist Didn't Speak Good English