An American Family


This was the original "Real World". The show was a weekly documentary which followed the real life travails of the Loud family, a mixed up cluster of suburbanites. The show picked up lots of interesting footage, including an on-camera divorce demand from wife Pat to her husband, and the coming-out of one of the children who was gay.

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Episode Description


An American Family Revisited: The Louds 10 Years Later

HBO's one-hour follow-up to the famed PBS documentary series,"An American Family" (1973), is a ten-year update on the Loud family and their reflections on becoming overnight media celebrities. Filmmakers Alan and Susan Raymond had remained friends with family members and knew the celebrity experience and the effects of divorce had changed them in many ways. The Raymonds filmed family members discussing their reactions to these events, intercutting the new footage with scenes from the 1973 PBS series. Although this HBO production was seen on HBO in 1983, it was not aired on PBS until 1991.


Lance Loud!: A Death in an American Family

A documentary. that is a follow-up of sorts to "American Family, An" (1973) , follows the life of Lance Loud, the son of the Loud family who came out on air, unprecedented on broadcast television. The show documents his life since til his death of AIDS and Hepatitis C in December of 2001.
Episode Description


Episode 1

Opens with scenes from the last day of filming, December 31, 1971. Pat Loud and four of her children are having a New Year's Eve party in their Santa Barbara, California, home. Bill and Pat's marriage has ended in separation. Their eldest son, Lance, is still living in New York. The scene changes to the first days of filming when the family gathers for an early breakfast one morning in mid-May, 1971 [58 minutes]


Episode 2

Pat Loud visits her son Lance in New York City. She takes a room in his hotel, the Chelsea, and spends a week with him meeting his circle of friends. [58 minutes]


Episode 3

Before returning home from her New York trip, Pat stops in Baltimore to check on a shipment of equipment that her husband Bill is expecting for his business. Bill meets her plane when it lands in California; they go out to lunch, during which they discuss their children. Later they attend a dance recital in which their daughters, Delilah and Michele, perform. [58 minutes]


Episode 4

Pat returns to her birthplace in Eugene, Oregon, and visits her mother, who still lives there. They drive around town together, stopping at the important places in Pat's early life and the first years of her marriage. After attending her mother's birthday party, Pat returns home. [58 minutes]


Episode 5

The girls are leaving with Pat for a vacation in Taos, New Mexico; Kevin leaves for Australia with Bill's business associate; and Lance calls the family from New York. [58 minutes]


Episode 6

After Pat returns from Taos with Michele, she has lunch with Bill and again the topic of discussion is their children. Lance is visiting Paris with a friend. A brush-fire in the hills threatens the Loud home. [59 minutes]


Episode 7

The growing antagonism between Pat and Bill comes out in the open. Grant is criticized by his parents for not working hard enough, and, shortly afterward, gets into an accident while driving home from work. [58 minutes]


Episode 8

While Bill is away on a business trip, Pat decides to file for divorce. She spends an evening with her brother and sister-in-law discussing this decision. [57 minutes]


Episode 9

Bill returns from his business trip, learns from Pat that she plans to divorce him, and spends the night at a motel. The next day, the Loud children rally around their mother. [58 minutes]


Episode 10

Bill looks for an apartment; the children register for their first day of the new school year; and Kevin masterminds a pep rally. Lance is in Copenhagen, Denmark. [58 minutes]


Episode 11

After living in New York City and Europe for seven months, Lance returns to his Santa Barbara home for a visit. [58 minutes]


Episode 12

Grant and his rock group audition for a job at a Santa Barbara Lounge. Bill meets Delilah in his office and asks her to deliver a pair boots and a dress that he bought for Pat. At the Loud home, Pat tries on Bill's gifts and decides that she doesn't like them. Over drinks with a friend, Bill talks about the breakup of his marriage and his feelings about Lance and the other children. Pat also talks about the divorce with two of her friends and reveals her tentative plans for the future. [58 minutes]