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The genius robotics professor, Dr. Komyoji has created Jiro (who has the ability to transform into Kikaider) – a humanoid robot tasked with the protection of Dr. Komyoji’s son, Masaru, and daughter, Mitsuko. Gifted with a conscience circuit, which has the power to simulate real emotions that helps to distinguish between “right and wrong”, Jiro must protect Mitsuko and Masaru from the evil Dr. Gil who wants Jiro to join his army and aid in his goal of world domination.

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Episode Description


Jiro Meets Ichiro

Jiro is running with Reiko and Akida from a bunch of machines (sent to capture Akida). When suddenly, a mysterious Kikaider shows up and defeats them. The Kikaider takes the trio to a temple and the reverend there tells Jiro that the Kikaider is known as 01 and Ichiro. Ichiro is the older brother of Jiro but unlike Jiro, he is simple and has no conscience circuit. Ichiro then agrees to go with Jiro so that he can help.


Beautiful Enemy

Jiro and Ichiro are having a argument because Ichiro feels that Jiro shouldn't trust Reiko and Akida. He says that little is known about them and they might turn out to be spies or something. Jiro disagrees and says that he trusts Reiko, making Ichiro walk away from them. Ichiro then encounters a girl android named Beijinder and a fight between them breaks out. Jiro shows up and tries to help but his attempts were basically futile. When Beijinder was about to finish Jiro, Reiko shows up and tells Jiro to look out behind him. Jiro turns around punches Beijinder square in the face. Beijinder is so pissed off at Reiko and charges at her but couldn't attack. Something in her was holding her back. Beijinder then leaves. Later that night, four Hakaiders shows up and one of them happens to be Gill. Gill explains that when Jiro destroyed the DARK hideout, almost all his men died. He then transfered his brain into a Hakaider's body so that he could live forever. He then goes on to explain that the three other Hakaiders contains the brains of his most trustworthy men. Gill then demands that he wants his son, Akida, back. The four Hakaiders transform into one huge Hakaider and in order to defeat it, Jiro and Ichiro has to team up. Together, the two brothers defeat the Hakaiders. As Jiro and Ichiro watch the explosion, Ichiro asks Jiro if he really trusts Reiko. Jiro says yes and Ichiro tells him that he trusts them too because he trusts Jiro.


Gil Rises Again

Jiro, Ichiro, Reiko, and Akida are once again being chased by machines sent to capture Akida. They are saved by another Kikaider. This Kikaider is Jiro and Ichiro's younger brother, known as 00 or Rei. As they continue to run, now with Rei by their side, Reiko remembers the place as somewhere she's been before. She tell the three Kikaider brothers that she's been here before and they head down there to check it out. As soon as they got down there, a barrier surrounds the Kikaiders, paralyzing them. Gill then shows up and tells Reiko that she is actually a android created to protect Akida and he was the one that put the memories into her head. Reiko refuses to believe Gill until he makes her transform. As Gill gets ready to kill her, Beijinder transforms into her robotic form and grabs Akida and Reiko. She then breaks the barrier surrounding the Kikaiders and flies off with Akida and Reiko. As the Kikaiders fight more machines, Beijinder and Reiko are flying through the forest. AS Beijinder takes the lead, Reiko drops the 'Pinnochio' book she got from Jiro earlier and heads back with Akida to find it. As she spots the book, she puts Akida down and goes to retrieve it. As soon as the book was in her hand, Gill shows up and shoots her. Akida watches in horror as Reiko falls to the ground. When the Kikaiders show up, they find Reiko's bleeding head and from out of the bushes, a sad looking Beijinder also discovers what's left of Reiko as well.


The Fate Of Pinocchio

Ichiro, Jiro, Rei, and Beijinder discover that all four of them, as well as Reiko, are siblings. They are androids created from the same design by Dr. Komyoji. Together, they decide that they should go save Akida and prevent Gill from destroying the world. They head into Tokyo to find a humongous robot built by Gill, called the Armagedon Lord, destroying it. They try and fight the robot but failed miserably. Ichiro, Rei, and Beijinder are captured, leaving Jiro by himself. Jiro finds his way into the robot and find Akida in it's heart. Rei and Ichiro appears and beats Jiro up. Jiro is puzzled at why his brothers are attacking him when he suddenly goes unconscious. When Jiro wakes up, he finds himself in a machine. Gill then comes into the chamber and explains to Jiro that he had installed a submission circuit into each of them (Ichiro, Rei, Beijinder, and himself). Gill then calls Beijinder into the room and turns the submission circuit in Jiro, on. Gill then orders Beijinder to look after Jiro while he destroys the country's capital. Jiro tricks Beijinder into letting him go. Beijinder believes him and he heads out to find Akida only to discover that he's not there. Jiro's next target is Gill. He seeks out Gill and when Gill summons Ichiro and Rei to destroy Jiro, Jiro destroys them both. Gill is shocked at Jiro's behavior. Jiro then explains to Gill that it's the submission circuit that allowing him to lie, destroy his own brothers, and it's going to let him kill a human. He takes Gill by the head and squishes his brain. He says from that day foward, he shall at last become fully human and he really does.


Kikaider vs. Inazuman

Continuing where Kikaider 01 the Animation left off, Jiro is still wandering the streets trying to fight off any evil inclinations that Gill's submission chip left in him. Upon meeting a local high school boy Jiro attacks him, only to find out that the boy is Inazuman. Inazuman doesn't want to destroy Jiro, but he can't just leave Jiro alone.
Episode Description


Lonely Puppet

Deep in the mountains, Dr. Komyoji was about to complete his long time dream in his laboratory when mysterious robot attacks and destroys his lab. Behind the plot is Professor Gil, the evil leader of DARK, an underground organization. Suspicious of her father's sudden dissapearance, Dr. Komyoji's daughter Mitsuko begins her research for clues. While she's doing that, we meet the Kikaider that the Dr. was working on. He is in human form, and is learning about life with humans. He saves a man from falling off a cliff, he helps two little boys but scares them away.. and then he finds the destroyed laboratory from whence he came. There, he sees the evil robot that blew up the lab, and Mitsuko and her son show up. Mitsuko sees that the Kikaider is the one she was finding clues about, and she tells him how to use his powers. She also tells him that his name is Jiro. Jiro turns into Kikaider form, and eventually destroys the evil robot...


Mad Machine

In her search of her father, Mitsuko invites Jiro, the humainoid robot created by Dr. Komyoji, to her but finds out that Jiro has no memory. As she continues her research through data left by her father, she learns that Jiro has a conscience circuit called ""Gemini"" that is equivalent to the soul of a human being. In the forest, Jiro and Mitsuko are talking, when all of a sudden a flute plays that only Jiro can hear. He can't stand the music, and it makes him go bad. He starts to choke Mitsuko, and she thinks he's a mad machine. The flute stops playing, and Mitsuko yells at Jiro, causing him to run away..


Stray Sheep

Jiro stops to look at a puppet clock and hears a boy talk about puppets and remembers Mitsko telling him he's a mad machine. Next, a figure climbs up at a train station and wrecks the train. Then, Jiro wanders around and wonders where he should go. It shows Mitsko and her brother, who just woke up, eating breakfast. Jiro then sees a guy playing a guitar and is asked to jam. He then asks if he could be taught how to play, and then after 2 lessons(scales and chords) makes the guitarist yell at him and calls him a freak. Then, two people stand at the puppet clock and see Jiro standing there. The woman calls the girl and tells her Jiro is with them. He then rambles on about how he can't go ""home"" and then runs out of the cafe. He shows up at the clock and then runs off again. He is next seen at a power station, where two police tell Jiro to go home. All ofa sudden, a huge spider drops a web on them and Jiro. The spider calls himself Jiro's brother and starts squeezing the heck outta him. H



Mitsuko has vivid dream of Jiro being killed and realizes she's starting to like him. After searching she finally finds Jiro through the sorrowful sound of his guitar. However, another robot sent by Dr. Gill suddenly appears. Jiro changes into a combat form, Kikaider, but also begins to feel ashamed of his ugly apperance. A bum seems him when he changes, and is very scared of the way he looks. Even the little girl who was with Jiro earlier when he was playing his guitar is frightened. In sadness, Jiro flees from Mitsuko once again. While driving home, Mitsuko thinks about the dream she had earlier again, and wondering..""Could Jiro be human?""..


City of Rain

Suspect of destroying the radar tower, Jiro is now on the run from the police. As he wanders around the city, he meets a young woman named Miyuki who tells him that he reminds her of Toru, the man she loves. Meanwhile, Proffesor Gill hires a group of jobless men to blow up the city, one of whom happens to be Toru. Suspect of destroying the radar tower, Jiro is now on the run from the police. As he wanders around the city, he meets a young woman named Miyuki who tells him that he reminds her of Toru, the man she loves. Meanwhile, Proffesor Gill hires a group of jobless men to blow up the city, one of whom happens to be Toru. Jiro finds Toru by the outside of Miyuki's house, and out of nowhere, Toru is attacked by the yellow jaguar. The android slashes Toru's back, making him bleed. After running away from it, Jiro convinces Toru to shut off all the bombs, because he knows Toru still cares for Miyuki. Later, Jiro finds and confronts the yellow jaguar at the very top of the bridge. He


Negative Fragments

Mitsuko is worried sick about Jiro when Hattori pays a surprise visit to the Komyoji residence. He says he obtained an amazing piece of information concerning Dr. Komyoji. However, suddenly the lights off and Mitsuko is kidnapped in the darkness. She is kidnapped by the Golden bat, who is an android, and like Kikaider has a conscience chip. Golden Bat calls up Jiro, and tells him that he has Mitsuko. Jiro, immediately, gets on his bike, and rides off to rescue Mitsuko.


Afterglow of Regret

Realizing she's trapped in the same house where she used to live with her mother, Mitsuko's bitter memories suddenly return. She finds her father's diary, which spells out all the mysteries and truths behind her mother's dissappearance and the death of her step brother, Ichiro.


Blue Moon, Red Dreams

The genius robotics professor Dr. Komyoji has created Kikaider, a humanoid robot gifted with a "conscience circuit" enabling Kikaider to simulate real emotions and distinguish between right and wrong. "Jiro", as he is called by Dr. Komyoji's children Mitsuko and Masaru, finds himself struggling to protect Mitsuko and Masaru from the evil Dr. Gill and his androids, and also to understand his own conflicted emotions. Is the conscience circuit a blessing or a curse?



After being told her father is still alive, Mitsuko sets out on a journey with Jiro to find her mother, who knows the whereabouts of Professor Gill. Meanwhile, feeling left out, Masaru sneaks out of Hattori's office and goes looking for Mitsuko and Jiro.


Frozen Bonds

Jiro, Mitsuko and Masaru are still looking for some clue to find Dr. Kimyoji when they accidently run into Chigusa. Conflicting emotoins of love and anger hits both Mitsuko and Masaru, especially when their mother reveals she worked as a spy for Professor Gill.


The Destroyer

With the blue print Conscience Circuit found from Jiro's guitar, Mitsuko learns Gemini has the ability to evolve on its own. On the other hand, Jiro, controlled by Saburo's evil whistles, start destroying the city. Not knowing how to control himself, Jiro wanders to the old research lab of Dr. Kimyoji desperately seeking salvation, but Saburo appears once again.


The Machine That Dreams

Amazingly, Dr. Kimyoji's brain has been transplanted into Saburo's head while his body is being preservedin the DARK lab. After getting one of his arms destroyed by Hakaider, Jiro allows Mitsuko to fix it from this, their feelings for each other deepen even more. However, afraid of losing his feelings for Mitsuko, he refuses to have his Gemini repaired.


End of the Dream

After taking over Hakaider mind, Dr. Kimyoji helps Jiro infiltrate into the DARK hideout. Jiro searches for Gill, who tries to confuse Jiro with his flute, but Jiro's Gemini has grown so close to a human soul that the sound has no effect. To save himself and those he cares for, Jiro bravely stands against Gill to destroy evil once and for all.