The two Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko and their Warner sister Dot had been (supposedly) created in the 1930's, but their cartoons were too screwy for the general public to handle. The three Warners were locked up in the studio water tower until they escaped in the 90's. There, they run wild, causing chaos everywhere!

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Episode Description


Animaniacs Live!


The Writers Flipped, They Have No Script


They Can't Help It If They're Cute, They're Just Drawn That Way


They're Totally Insane-y In Cadence with Richard Stone


Wakko's Wish

Episode Description



Dr. Scratchansniff relates the story of how he once tried to make the Warners less zany with psychoanalysis.


The Monkey Song

In a parody of Calypso music, the Warners and Dr. Scratchansniff sing about the tumultuous relationship.


Nighty-Night Toon

In a slight parody of Winnie the Pooh, each of the Animaniacs are wished a good night sleep.


Yakko's World

Yakko sings a song to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance listing the nations of the world.


Cookies for Einstein

As scouts, the Warners try to sell cookies. They get to Einstein's house and inadvertently help him discover the theory of relativity after causing chaos.


Win Big

Brain competes on a trivia game show entitled "Gyp-Parody" to win money to buy a device to take over the world.


H.M.S. Yakko

The Warners Tresspass on captain Mel's beach. He tries to get them to leave. This cartoon is a takeoff of the Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas "Pirates of Penzance" and "The H.M.S. Pinafore".


Slappy Goes Walnuts

Slappy tries to get some walnuts in a yard guarded by a dog.


Yakko's Universe

Yakko sings a song about the relative vastness of space from one person to the entire universe.


Hooked on a Ceiling

Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He must finish before the pope arrives and prays for assistance. Assistance arrives in the form of the Warners who first paint the ceiling completely white and then fill it with pictures of Elvis and dogs playing poker. Michelangelo convinces them to help him make the correct painting and they agree. They, however, add an interesting touch before the pope arrives.


Goodfeathers: The Beginning

In order to become a Goodfeather, Squit must find the Godpigeon some food. Squit sees a bagel in the street, but before he can get to it rush hour starts. Squit tries to get the bagel in a number of ways, but all of his attempts fail. Ultimately, the Godpigeon arrives eats the bagel with no trouble. He gives Squit his blessing and Squit becomes one of the Goodfeathers.


Taming Of The Screwy

Thaddeus Plotz has invited over some very important buisness people to a buisness dinner and it's Dr. Scratchnsniff's job to train the Warners with manners so they can attend. He suceeds and the Warners are allowed to go to the party, but when they're only there for a minute and are sent back to the Water Tower they start to ruin the party, but in the end the buisness people are pleased and give the check to the Warners instead.


Temporary Insanity

When the CEO's secretary gets sick, he is forced to hire Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. After some hijinks that frustrate the CEO, Wakko destroys the building after an accident with the telephone.


Operation: Lollipop

After Mindy receives a Lollipop, she gets into trouble when the lollipop sticks to the side of a mail truck. Buttons must keep Mindy out of danger and he follows her to the airport, where the two are loaded on a plane. After take off, Mindy jumps out of the plane still after the lollipop, Button grabs her and uses a mailbag as a parachute. They land safely in Mindy's yard but spill letters all over the place. When Mindy's mother sees the letters, she scolds Buttons for bothering the mailman.


What Are We?

The Warners are hypnotized by Dr. Scratchansniff in order to make them less zany. Dr. Scratchansniff fails and asks them what they are, leading the Warners to offer a number of suggestions.


Piano Rag

Dr.Scratchnsniff, Ralph the guard, and Hello Hurse all chase after the Warners, so they hide in a piano concert until the coast is clear. All goes well until they catch up with the Warners and they end up getting the Pianist instead.


When Rita Met Runt

An owner gives up her cat Rita to a pet prison because she's too independent. Later on another owner gives up their dog Runt because he doesn't listen to commands. The two meet up, bust out, and decide to make a journey of finding a home together.


The Big Candy Store

The Warners give the owner of a candy store a hard time.


Bumbie's Mom

Skippy and Slappy are watching a movie called Bumbie, the Dearest Deer. When Bumbie's mother dies, Skippy gets upset and starts crying. Slappy takes him to meet the cartoon actress who played Bumbie's mom to show him she's not really dead.


Wally Llama

Wally Llama who lives on top of a mountain in the Himalayas is the wisest creature in the world. After he grows sick of answering questions he vows to stop for the rest of the day. The Warners arrive and pester him to answer one question. Eventually he gives in, but when he hears the question he goes crazy because he cannot figure out the answer. The question is why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, and hot dog buns come in packages of eight?


Where Rodents Dare

With one of his new inventions, Brain plans to freeze all the leaders of the world when they are at an international peace conference in the Alps. Pinky and the Brain have a hard time getting to the peace conference, but when they finally do Brain's plans are foiled when someone traps them while they stand on a plate of cheese. The two mice only succeed in freezing themselves.


King Yakko

Yakko inherits the throne of Anvilania a small kingdom best known as the world's largest producer of anvils. Yakko promises to serve his people, but Anvilania is attacked by Dunlikus and its dictator Umlatt. The Warners must face Unlatt by himself. They manage to get the entire Dunlikus army to go to sleep and discover that Unlatt wanted Anvilania so that he can have all its anvils to himself. The Warners decide to give Unlatt the anvils: one at a time, on his head and on his castle.


No Pain, No Painting

In 1905, the Warners arrive at the Paris home of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. They want to help him paint and annoy him so much that he will let them paint as he relaxes. As the artist rests, the Warners begin to play a guessing game. Wakko draws surreal pictures and the rest of the Warners must guess what the picture is of. An art critic comes to Picasso's home and loves the surreal paintings. Picasso takes credit for the work, but agrees to pay the Warners money to continue to paint the pictures.


Les Miseranimals

Runt escapes from the pound after having being imprisoned for stealing a bone to eat. He is tracked down by the relentless Camenbert. Rita and a number of other cats are imprisoned by a tavern owner named Tristesse. When Tristesse runs out of meat for his meat pies, he decides to use the imprisoned cats. With the help of some poodles, Runt manages to free Rita and the other cats. All the animals escape, but they are confronted by Camenbert and it is revealed that Camenbert stole the bone. Runt and the rest of the animals manage to escape when Tristesse comes into the pen and collapses the wall on himself and Camenbert. Rita, Runt, and the rest of the animals head off to Paris.


Garage Sale of the Century

A man is having a garage sale, but runs into problems when the Warners take the expression too literally.


West Side Pigeons

The Goodfeather are having a rivalry with a group of Sparrows when Squit falls in love with Carloota who is the sister of one of the sparrows named Noodles. Squint is so much in love that he wants to migrate with Carloota. Noodles tries to prevent the two from seeing each other and challenges the Goodfeathers to a fight. After the fight Squint meets Carloota, but her boyfriend Johnny shows up. Carloota migrates Johnny to Cleveland and leaves Squit to be consoled by the rest of the Goodfeathers.


Hello Nice Warners

On a day when our heroes are happily running from Ralph, they hide in a movie suggestions room and meet a crazy voiced director and they have to make his movie and follow his script but they drive him crazy!


La Behemoth

When Flabbio and Marita's maid quits over a misunderstanding, the Hip Hippos are forced to do their own housework with disastrous results.


Little Old Slappy From Pasadena

In order to deliver a letter, Slappy drive her brand new car all over town. She has never taken a driving lesson in her life and ends up being chased by the police.


La La Law

When Dr. Scratchansniff gets a parking ticket, he goes to court to fight it. The Warners act as his lawyers and frustrate the judge with their hijinks.


Cat on a Hot Steel Beam

Mindy follows a kitten into a dangerous construction site. Buttons follows Mindy and tries to keep her from getting hurt. Buttons manages to keep Mindy out of trouble, but is later scolded for chasing after the kitten.


Space Probed

The Warners are abducted by aliens and taken aboard their spaceship where their hijinks begin to annoy the aliens. Eventually, the Warners manage to take over the spaceship and return to earth.


Battle for the Planet

Brain wants to take over the world by tricking people into thinking that an aliens are invading. Brain arranges a pirate broadcast with himself as a reporter and Pinky as an alien. Brain says that aliens have landed and that people should flee from the cities. Pinky, however, has trouble with his costume. They complete their fake broadcast and wait for people to flee the cities. The next day, however, they look at the newspaper and see that everyone thought that the broadcast was a hilarious fake.


Chalkboard Bungle

The studio hires a new teacher named Miss Flamiel to teach the Warners. Despite her best efforts, she meets only with frustration and is unable to teach them anything.


Hurray for Slappy

Slappy goes to a banquet held in her honor in order to receive an award. Walter, Beanie, and Sid, however, plan to blow her up with explosives. Slappy gets the reward and Walter, Beanie, and Sid only succeed in blowing themselves up.


The Great Wakkorotti: The Master and his Music

Wakko belches "The Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss.


Roll Over, Beethoven

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot help Beethoven compose his fifth symphony.


The Cat and the Fiddle

In 1690's Italy, a violin maker named Stradivarius takes a stray Rita, but not Runt, to live with him. Stradivarius hopes to use Rita to make violin strings. When Runt finds out, he rescues Rita and destroys Stradivarius's violins in the process.


Pavlov's Mice

In turn of the century Russia, Pinky and the Brain are conditioned to respond in strange ways to the sound of bells. Brain plans to take over the world by stealing the crown jewels of Russia. Unfortunately, his conditioning prevents him from successfully getting the jewels.


Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov

In New York, Chicken Boo is mistaken for a ballet dancer and dances in a performance of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake".


Nothing but the Tooth

Rasputin has been hypnotizing Russian Czar Nicholas II for a number of years. Unfortunately, he has a toothache and needs a dentist. The Warners arrive and pull out all of Rasputin's teeth. Without his teeth, he can no longer hypnotize the Czar and is quickly fired.


Meatballs or Consequences

In Sweden, Wakko enters a meatball eating contest and eats too many meatballs. He is declared dead by Death. Yakko and Dot must play checkers with Death to stop Wakko from being taken to the ever after.


A Moving Experience

Flavio and Marita head to New York in order to find a trendy new place to live. A zoologist who is pretending to be a real estate agent tries to convince them to stay in the jungle. He shows them a number of run down apartments. Ultimately, the Hip Hippos move to New York, but they move their jungle with them.


Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago

On a train to Gettysburg, the Warners help Abraham Lincoln write the opening of the Gettysburg Address.


Wakko's America

In a Jeopardy style game in the teacher's classroom, Wakko has to name the 50 states and their capitals. He sings an enitre song with everything right but he forgets to answer in the form of a question.


Davy Omelette

Chicken Boo is mistaken for Davy Omelette the frontiersman. He helps a number of pioneers who are being attacked by a bear.


The Flame

The flame on a candle tells the story of how it witnesses the beginnings of the United States.


Hearts of Twilight

A crazy movie director is millions of dollars overbudget and the CEO of Warner Brothers sends the Warners out to stop him. They help him finish his movie "The Wretched Clown".


The Boids

The Goodfeathers are hired as stunt birds for an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. They try to keep their jobs, but the move shoot turns out to be harder than they expected.


Guardin' the Garden

God makes Adam and Eve and tells them not to eat the fruit that comes from the tree of knowledge. Slappy Squirrel, however, lives in the tree of knowledge. When evil snake tries to tempt Adam and Eve, Slappy is in charge of guarding the fruit and stopping the snake.


Plane Pals

Onboard a plane, the Warners annoy a tightwad who is forced to sit by them because of a computer error. They annoy him so much that he is forced to bail out of the plane.


Be Careful What You Eat

The Warners sing about the ingredients of junk food.


Up the Crazy River

When Mindy chases a butterfly into a rain forest that is being cut down for wood, Buttons follow and protect her.


Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump, Ta Da Dump Dump Dump

The Goodfeathers must help Pesto when he gets his head caught in a plastic six-pack ring while rummaging through the garbage.


Opportunity Knox

Brain wants to steal all of the gold out of Fort Knox. He develops a chemical that causes sneezing fits in people. Pinky and the Brain get to Fort Knox and use the chemical on the guards. They break into the safe and realize that they can't steal the gold because the gold bars are too heavy for the mice to lift.


Wings Take Heart

When a male moth and a female butterfly fall in love they head to the city. Just as they are about to kiss, the moth is fit by a truck and must make it through a number of challenges to get back to his butterfly.


Hercule Yakko

When Marita Hippo's Diamond is stolen onboard a cruise, Hercule Yakko and his associates search around the ship for clues. Eventually they discover that Marita was sitting on the diamond the entire time.


Home on De-Nile

Rita and Runt are in ancient Egypt where Cleopatra is looking for a cat to sacrifice in an ancient ritual. Rita is chosen for the ritual and Runt is forced to help build a temple.


A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Warner's present a parody of the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.



Several old-time movie stars talk about their encounters with the Warners and how Milton Berle never really liked them.


Babblin' Bijou

Parodying a 1930's Cartoon, Dot and the Warners are kicked out of a movie theater after Dot loudly fawns over an actor in the movie. The Warners sneak back into the theater and become part of the movie.


Potty Emergency

Wakko is at the movies and has to go to the bathroom. When he discovers that the bathrooms don't work, he must find a bathroom somewhere else.


Sir Yaksalot

When medieval kingdom of Camelot is threatened by a dragon, King Arthur asks Merlin to summon a knight. When Merlin tries to summon the knight, he gets the Warners instead. The Warners defeat the dragon by tricking it into blowing itself up. They discover that it was really a robot that was being operated by mice.


I Got Yer Can

Slappy puts a can of diet juice in the recycling bin in the yard of Candie Chipmunk's house. Candie complains that it is not her trash and asks Slappy to put in her own trash. Throughout the episode Slappy tries different ways to sneak the can back on chipmunk's property.


Jockey for Position

In order to get money for a giant magnet to stop the Earth's rotation allowing Brain to assume control over the world, Brain tries to win a million dollars by participating in the Kentucky Derby.


You Risk Your Life

The Warners appear on a game show that is a parody of the Groucho Marx game show You Bet Your Life.


Moby or Not Moby

The Warners stow away onboard a whaling ship controlled by Captain Ahab. Ahab wants to kill Moby Dick, but the Warners try to convince him not to kill whales.


Mesozoic Mindy

In prehistoric time, a cave girl Mindy chases after an egg. A prehistoric version of Buttons tries to keep her out of trouble.


The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly

When a dangerous gunslinger comes to town, Chicken Boo is made sheriff in order to protect the town. Eventually, Boo is discovered to be a chicken and is run out of town.


Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled

The Warners go to Hades where Satan wants to torment them. Unfortunately, the Warners end up tormenting him. He kicks them out after Yakko freezes the place.


Moon Over Minerva

Wilford B. Wolf is interested in Minerva Mink and asks her out on a date. Unfortunately, she turns him down. Wilford, however, is a werewolf and when the moon comes out he comes handsome. Minerva becomes interested, but problems arise when the moon in continually obscured by clouds.


Skullhead Boneyhands

A cosmetics saleswoman discovers Skullhead Boneyhands in a mansion. She takes him home in an effort to make him look better. Unfortunately, he keeps getting buried by the family's dog.


Draculee, Draculaa

The Warners are in Transylvania and spend the night in Dracula's castle. Dracula's repeated attempts to drink there blood are frustrated by the Warners' antics.



In order to destroy a village, Dr. Frankenstein creates a monstrous dog named Scout. When Scout is struck by lightning his brain is damaged. Dr. Frankenstein needs a new dog brain and decides to use Runt's. Rita, however, releases Runt and Scout before Dr. Frankenstein can operate on them.


O Silly Mio

Madame Brundtwind is an opera singer practicing for her performance. When her singing annoys the Warners, they ask her to stop. When she refuses, the Warners decide to see her performance and get a little revenge.


Puttin' on the Blitz

Rita and Runt are in Warsaw, Poland during the 1939 German blitzkrieg. The head of the Polish underground arranges to meet his daughter Katrina on a train that is about to leave the train station. When Katrina is discovered by a dog working for the Germans, Rita saves her. They head to the train station, and jump on when the train begins to leave. Katrina is safe, but Rita when she sees Runt being attacked by German dogs decides to stay. She leaps from the train in order to help her friend.


The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert

Wakko belches out "The Dance of the Hours" by Amilcare Ponchielli.


Chairman of the Bored

At a party for Celebrity Gala of the Year, the Warners sneak in from under a table and start taking food from it. When Yakko goes out to get more cheeseballs he meets an icredibly boring person nicknamed Pip who keeps babling on to them throughout the night. They try to get away but he follows them home and when he finally leaves them alone the next morning they realize it's too quiet and want him to come back.



On an airless world, Buttons must protect Mindy when she follows a ball through an airlock. They go throw a rocketship and a transporter beam. Eventually Mindy and Buttons get home, but Mindy is duplicated a number of times in a duplication machine. Buttons is scolded for letting Mindy get too close to the duplication machine.


Noah's Lark

Noah must gets two of every animal on board his ark before God sends a flood. He gets more than he can chew when he accepts the Hip Hippos. They complain about food, squash games, and spiders until the flood is over.


The Big Kiss

Chicken Boo is believed to be the sexiestactor in Hollywood. When his moustache comes off in a love scene, however, his is discovered to be a chicken. The director's career is ruined.



Squit gets the hiccups after he eats a pickle. The Goodfeathers use a number of methods to get him to stop. Squit, however, doesn't stop until the Godpigeon scares the hiccups out of him.


Clown and Out

For Wakko's birthday, the CEO sends him a clown to entertain him. Unfortunately both Wakko and the CEO are deathly afraid of clowns. When the clown arrives Wakko desperately tries to get rid of him.


Bubba Bo Bob Brain

Brain plans to take over the world with subliminal mind control. He pretends to be a country singer and injects subliminal messages into his songs. His music begins to sell and the messages begin to influence people. Unfortunately, Brain ruins his plan by yelling at Pinky during a worldwide televised concert.


In the Garden of Mindy

Mindy's mother leaves the house and Brain develops a plan to take over the world. He develops a powerful stink bomb which he hopes to use to force the government officials out of thier jobs. As he makes the stink bomb, Mindy gets on a lawnmower and drives out of control. The lawnmower chases Brain and eventually knocks him into his stink bomb ingredients. Mindy's mother comes home and scolds Brain for letting Mindy feed him old cheese.


No Place Like Homeless

Pesto and Runt are homeless and in need of a place to live. Runt manages to get them into an old woman's home. When the woman's parrot scares Runt, Pesto beats him up. The old woman becomes angry and kicks them out of her house.


Katie Ka-Boo

Katie Kaboom introduces her new boyfriend C.B. to her parents. He boyfriend in really Chicken Boo. When her parents tell her that her boyfriend is a chicken, she doesn't believe them. She gets angry and explodes. Later when she discovers that her boyfriend really is a chicken, she explodes again.


Baghdad Cafe

Yakko, Wakko, and Slappy the Squirrel arrive in Baghdad thinking it is the Baghdad Cafe. They treat Sodarn Hinsane as if he were a waiter. Eventually Slappy puts dynamite in his pants to get rid of him.


Critical Condition

Lean Hiskill and Codger Eggbert are film critics who review a number of Looney Tunes cartoons. They like a number of them, but hate the ones featuring Slappy Squirrel. Slappy decides to retaliate. She destroys their houses and later at the premier of Jurassic Park she puts them into the movie where they are chased by a dinosaur. The two critics change their mind and, in heavy bandages, give Slappy a good review.


The Three Muska-Warners

There year is 1575 and the place is Paris, France. The King of France believe that someone is about to kill him. He gathers the Three Musketeers to protect him. The Warners arrive as the musketeers and set about guarding the King.


Dough Dough Boys

In 1918, the Goodfeathers are messenger pigeons on the western front in France. When a unit is caught behind the lines, the Goodfethaers must deliver a message telling them to retreat. They must get through a number of obstacles for delivering the message. When they finally deliver it, however, it is too late. The unit doesn't need to retreat, it has already chased off the enemy.


Boot Camping

The Warners go to a boot camp thinking that it is really a summer camp. The drill instructor Sergeant Sweete forces them to into military drills. The Warners, however, still think its a summer camp and give the sergeant a hard time.


General Boo-Regard

Chicken Boo is pretending to be General Boo-Regard, a southern Confederate general during the Civil War. When he is about to lead an attack, his hat is shot off and everyone sees that he is a chicken. Colonel Sanders thinks that the chicken is large enough to feed an army and everyone starts chasing after him.



In 1194, Pinky and the Brain are being kept in Merlin's laboratory in Camelot. When Merlin goes out for a snack. Brain tries to take over the world using a magic spell. Pinky gathers all the components but loses a dragon's toenail. Pinky and the Brain must go on a quest to get another toenail. Using a magic wand the recover the toenail, but the dragon chases them all the way back to Camelot. Brain uses the dragon's toenail in the spell but as he recites it Pinky distracts him. Brain's head is turned into cheese.


Smitten With Kittens

A kind old woman feeds both Rita and Runt at a restaurant. When Rita begins playing with the table cloth, the two of them are kicked out. Outside, Rita and Runt come across three starving abandoned kittens that want Rita to be their mother. Rita doesn't want the to be responsible for three kittens, but everything turns out okay when the old woman from the restaurant comes out and agrees to take care of the kittens.


White Gloves

Wakko plays the piano and his white gloves begin to play it by themselves. Later the two gloves go off to a dance hall. When they leave they begin to argue about going back in. They are run over by a street sweeper. The two gloves later head to a lumberyard for jobs. Since they are not work gloves, they fail to get them. Eventually one is sent to jail for robbery. When it gets out, the two gloves head back to Wakko and jump back onto his hands.


Fair Game

The Warners compete on a game show. The three continually hit their buzzers before questions are asked. They give the same answer: Isaac Newton. Their buzzers are eventually broken, but Wakko makes it to the speed round. Unfortunately, he does not give the correct answer: Isaac Newton.


Puppet Rulers

In 1954, Pinky and the Brain are kept in the home of Albert Einstein. They watch television and see a puppet show named "The Meany and Treacle Show". When the show announces that it is looking for new puppets, the two mice mail themselves to the show. They pretend to be puppets and grow enormously popular. They freeze themselves in cryogenic capsules and emerge forty years later. They arrange a pirate broadcast asking all their no adult fans to send them gifts. Unfortunately all their fans felt abandoned by them when they disappeared the show. They send Pinky and the Brain their therapy bills instead.


Broadcast Nuisance

The Warners deliver sandwiches to a news show hosted by Mr. Dan Anchorman. When the arrive late and give him the wrong meal, he refuses to pay them. The Warners protest outside the studio and later sneak into the control room and mess with the controls. Eventually, Dan apologizes. He goes insane and is taken away to a mental hospital.


Raging Bird

Bobby gets upset when his girlfriend Lana says that the heavyweight beaking champion of the city, Pretty Boy Robin, is good looking. Bobby challenges Pretty Boy to a fight and is trained and managed by Max. When the fight finally happens, Pretty Boy has no trouble pounding Bobby. Bobby turns the tables when he sees Pretty Boy hitting on Lana and knocks him out with one good punch. Bobby still loses in the end when the Godpigeon takes all the winnings from the fight and Bobby's girlfriend.


Can't Buy A Thrill

When the Hip Hippos get bored they check out an activities book that suggests a number of high risk adventures. The Hippos try bungee jumping out of a balloon, running with the bulls in Spain, and swimming with sharks. As they go through these dangers they are followed by Geena Embryo who tries to protect Flavio and Marita. Unfortunately, in doing so she takes the brunt of all the dangers.



Charlton Woodchuck heads to Hollywood from Kansas to become a movie star. He gets the starring role in "Franklin the Friendly Woodchuck", but the production turns out to be too much for him when he is maulled by a bear, attacked by a woodpecker, and blown up with explosives. Charlton quits the show and heads back to Kansas.


Of Nice and Men

Rita and Runt are on a bunny ranch operated by Happy Bob. Runt watches over the bunnies while Rita stays in the barn and chases rats. When Bob tries to take the bunnies to skin them for fur, Rita and Runt stop him. They set the bunnies free take them to a train to escape.


What a Dump!

Mindy's mother gives her a new doll and throws out her old one. Mindy goes after the old doll and falls into a recycling bin. She is taken to the recycling center and Buttons follows to keep her out of danger. Mindy is put into a crate before she and Button manage to return home. After they get home, Button is scolded for getting the old doll out of the garbage.


Survey Ladies

In order to buy a birthday present for Dr. Scratchansniff, the Warners head to the Mall. They are constantly approached by two woman who want them to take a survey. The head to a number of stores and can't find the perfect gift. So, the Warners decide to give the survey ladies to Dr. Scratchansniff.


The Senses Song

The Warner siblings sing a song about the senses. The sing about the senses of perception and also the senses of judgment.


The World Can Wait

Brain falls in love with Billie who is a female mouse that lives in another cage in the lab. Brain dresses up and tries to impress her with his intellect, but she seems more interested in Pinky's sense of humor. Pinky, however, is not interested. He already has a girlfriend named Phar FigNewton. Pinky then offers advice to Brain. Brain begins to have some success, but Billie is changed into a super-intelligent mouse by an experiment. Brain becomes worried that Billie will take over the world before he can.


Kiki's Kitten

Kiki is the angriest gorilla in captivity. When it is discovered that Rita's singing pacifies Kiki, a group of researches take Rita from the alley and give her to Kiki. Kiki treats Rita like a baby, but Rita doesn't like being Kiki's cat. She escapes, but Kiki breaks out to follow her. Eventually Kiki is recaptured and given another cat.


Windsor Hassle

John Cleese introduces a special cartoon about the restoration of Windsor Castle's banquet room after a fire in 1992. As the Queen supervises the work, the Warners arrive and offer to redecorate at a low price. The Queen takes them up on the offer. In order to pay for the restorations the Warners make the guests pay for their food. The Queen acts as cashier and opens up a string of fast food restaurants called "Queen Quisine".


...And Justice for Slappy

Slappy is charged with assaulting Walter Wolf and tacken to court. Walter claims that Slappy attacked him when he was on his way to cheer her up. In reality, Walter was planning to catapult a beehive into her tree in order to drive Slappy out. Slappy threw the beehive back and Walter fell into his own trap. The jury finds in favor of Slappy because she planted explosives under their chair. Despite winning, she blows them up anyway.


Turkey Jerky

The Pilgrims are about to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. They, however, can't decide what to eat. Miles Standish goes off to get a turkey for the dinner. He finds the Warners and their pet turkey Mr. Gobble. When he tries to shoot Mr. Gobble, the Warners and their pet turkey set about frustrating him. They drive him crazy and make him think he is a turkey. Eventually, he is served for dinner.


Wild Blue Yonder

When a baby bird hatches, he looks up and sees a stealth fighter. The bird becomes convinced that the aircraft is his mother. He sneaks onboard the plane and grabs a bomb which he thinks is an egg. After the bomb is dropped, he heads back to his nest where he finds his real mother and his two other siblings that are just hatching.


Video Review

In a video store, the Warners come out of an Animaniacs video tape. They sing about the movies on the shelves and are chased by characters from movies.


When Mice Ruled The Earth

The year is 1895 and Pinky and the Brain are being kept in the laboratory of H.G. Wells. Brain builds a time machine because he wants to go back in time to keys moment in mouse evolution in order to change them and make mice the dominant form of life on Earth. When he returns to the present he hopes to be proclaimed the leader of the planet. Brain heads back in time and after a number of problems manages to teach mice how to make fire. When he returns to the present, he discovers that mice are the dominant form of life on the planet. Unfortunately, all the mice act like Pinky.


Mobster Mash

The Warners go to an Italian restaurant for lunch. When Don Pepperoni the Godfather of the Italian Mob arrives he sees that they are sitting in his private booth. He tries to kick them out, but they refuse to go. They also insist that the Godfather is their waiter and treat him as such. Eventually he gives in to them and serves them spaghetti.



Rita and Runt come to Alaska. They meet Ross Perot who is running for president. He needs a dog to pull his sled so that he can make a fundraiser in Fairbanks. Runt becomes his sled dog and Rita joins up for the ride. Rita saves Perot from a number of dangers, but he always gives Runt the credit. Eventually, the two of them head to a boat and leave Perot behind.


'Twas the Day Before Christmas

Slappy read the poem "The Day Before Christmas" to Skippy as a bedtime story. In the poem, the Warners CEO must give presents to the Warners. He hires Ralph to do it and makes him dress like Santa. Ralph arrives on a sled pulled by pigeons, but sees that Santa has already come. He has already given presents to Rita and Runt and the other Animaniacs. Eventually, Slappy falls alseep and Skippy goes off to open up his presents.


Jingle Boo

Chicken Boo works as Santa Claus in a department store. Children are afraid of him because he is a chicken. When one of them pulls off his beard, Chicken Boo is exposed and kicked out of the department store. He is picked up by Santa Claus and taken for a ride on his sled.


The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert

Wakko belches out the holiday song "Jingle Bells".


Toy Shop Terror

The Warners show up in a toy shop after it closes. They begin to play around, but the noise they make wakes up the toy shop owner. He sends out a security robot, but the Warners have no problem in dealing with it. They send the robots broken parts back to the toy shop owner and tell him that it is not an approriate toy for children under three.


A Christmas Plotz

The CEO of Warner Brothers Studio fires Ralph for not catching the Warners. The Warners visit the CEO as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Yakko as the ghost of Christmas Past shows the CEO how he has always been mean. He shows the CEO firing his father when he first became CEO. Dot as the ghost of Christmas Present shows the CEO Ralph's family. He sees that they can't afford presents or Christmas dinner since he fired Ralph. Yakko as the ghost of Christmas Future shows the CEO that Ralph's son will grow up to become CEO and will fire him. The CEO has a change of heart and gives the Warners money to buy a fruitcake for Ralph and he goes and gives Ralph his job back. The CEO is then hit by the enormous fruitcake bought by the Warners.


Little Drummer Warners

The Warner's travel to Bethlehem to witness the Nativity and sing a song.


The Warners and the Beanstalk

The Warners climb the Beanstalk in this Jack and the Beanstalk parody. They discover that Ralph is the giant that lives on top of the beanstalk.


Frontier Slappy

Slappy tries to keep a lumberjack from cutting down her tree home.


Ups and Downs

Dr. Scratchandsniff gets trapped in an elevator with Wakko for ten hours.


The Brave Little Trailer

A parody of "The Brave Little Toaster" by Thomas M. Disch featuring a heroic trailer.


Yes, Always

Pinky and the Brain do voice over work at the Warner Brothers Studio.



Dr. Scratchnsniff goes on date with his girlfriend. The two head to a drive-in theater where the find the Warners. The Warners manage to ruin Scratchnsniff's date.



The Goodfeathers meet a gang of birds that are their female opposites.


I'm Cute

Dot sings an entire song that explains why she is really cute.


Brain meets Brawn

Brain decides to take over the world by taking a strength enhancing formula developed by Dr. Jekyl. He wants to stop Big Ben at tea time because if tea time never ends, everyone will be more concerned with tea than with trying to stop him from taking over the world.


Meet Minerva

Newt is sent by his owner to acquire the pelt of Minerva Mink. He sets a number of traps, but Minerva works her charms on him and distracts him so that every scheme he hatches to get her fails.


Gold Rush

There's a gold rush in California and when the Warners start digging up gold they are harassed by a greedy gold miner who decides to take away their good fortune.


A Gift of Gold

A present is wrapped in gold wrapping paper. The gold wrapping paper makes a journey around the city.



The Warners sing the German folk song Schnitzelbank.


The Helpinki Formula

Brain creates chemical that will make everyone smaller than he is. He advertises it on an infomercial and it sells it wildly. Unfortunately, more than one drop spills on everybody and causes chaos.


Les Boutons et Le Ballon

While staying in the French city of Paris, Buttons must protect Mindy when she wanders off to follow a floating red balloon.


Kung Boo

In this parody of The Karate Kid, Chicken Boo pretends to be a Karate student fighting in a tournament. When Chicken Boo's sensei tells him to be like a grasshopper and shows Chicken Boo a grasshopper in his hand, Chicken Boo goes after it hungrily. His costumne falls off and he is exposed as a chicken.


Of Course You Know, This Means Warners

The Warners show off their assistance on the homefront during World War II.


Up a Tree

Rita is chased up a tree and has a hard time getting down. With the help of Maybeloota Marabella Missy McCoy, she finally gets the courage to come down from the tree.


Wakko's Gizmo

Wakko constructs an elaborate Rube Goldberg Device in order to flatten a whoopie cushion.


Meet John Brain

Brain tries to take over the world by running for President of the United States. He chooses Pinky as his running mate.


Smell Ya Later

Slappy faces off against a smelly old rival to get her nuts.



The Warners are featured in one of their early shorts. The short is in the style of silent era cartoons and features music but no dialogue. According to the opening narration, the short was made in 1929 before the Warners were locked in the water tower.


Woodstock Slappy

Slappy and Skippy want to go to her summer cottage, but when they get there the see that they are in the middle the 1960's musical festival Woodstock. Skippy marvels at the music, but Slappy wants them to go away. She doesn't have much success until she decides to play some music herself. She plays a polka and everyone runs.



The Warners want to sing karaoke but are stopped by a man named Willie Slakmer who wants to sing a bunch of karaoke songs before them. The Warners set about getting revenge on him, but in the end another man Lenny Neeboy comes forward and begins to sing his songs.


Cranial Crusader

In order to show up the crimefighter the Caped Opposum, Brain and Pinky dress up as costumed superheros in order to take down the archvillian Johnny Badnote. Brain hopes to become famous as a crimefighter so that he can use that fame to take over the world.


The Chicken Who Loved Me

In this parody of James Bond movies, Chicken Boo pretends to be James Boo secret agent. Chicken Boo is revealed to be a chicken by his archnemesis Dr. Not.


Baloney and Kids

In this parody of the kids show Barney and Friends, the Warners end up on a sickly sweet kids show featuring the cuddly and lovable Baloney. The Warners hate the show and make Baloney's life miserable.


Super Buttons

Mindy and Buttons are seen as superheroes.


Katie Ka-Boom: The Driving Lesson

Katie gets her learner's permits and is given a driving lesson by her father. Unfortunately, she grows angry as her parents try to instruct her. She turns into an angry green monster and speeds throughout the neighborhood. When they make it home, however, and Katie thanks her parents for the lesson.


Scare Happy Slappy

Slappy takes Skippy out trick-or-treating along a block that includes all her old enemies.


Witch One

Rita and Runt are in Salem during the infamous Salem Witch trials. Rita is accused of being a witch and is hunted for it. When she is caught, she is about to be drowned when Runt manages to help her to escape.



In a parody of a scene from the play MacBeth by William Shakespeare, Dot Warner, Slappy Squirrel, and Hello Nurse play three witches chanting over a cauldron. Yakko provides an interpretation for Shakespeare's dialogue.


With Three You Get Eggroll

Pesto has to watch his sister's egg, but it starts rolling all over town.


Mermaid Mindy

In this underwater short, a mermaid version of Mindy chases after a jellyfish. It is up to a dogfish version of Buttons to keep her out of trouble. He helps protect her from a number of dangers including an octopus, but he is still scolded by Neptune.


Katie Ka-Boom: Call Waiting

Katie talks to her friends on the phone keeping a number on call waiting. Katie's father gets the phone for a business and gets a call from one of Katie's friends. He finishes and can't remeber who called. She gets angry and explodes.


Lookit the Fuzzy Heads

Dr. Scratchansniff has a new patient, and to the Warners's horror, it's Elmyra! Luckily, they're eventually able to get rid of her... with a little help from Buttons and Mindy (mostly Mindy).


No Face Like Home

Skippy goes to a plastic surgery and country club to visit his Aunt Slappy who is getting plastic surgery so she can launch her cartoon comeback and compete with the younger cartoon stars. One of her old nemesis finds out she's there and attempts to botch up her surgery - with little success!


The Warners 65th Anniversary Special

The Warners view their 65th Anniversary special, but an unknown figure is plotting to destroy them with a time bomb set to their podium when they give their speech. It turns out to be Buddy, the cartoon character that they had replaced, but after hearing Yakko say that they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and wish he was here, his thoughts of revenge vanish and he joins them on the stage. However, when Buddy is speaking at the podium, the time bomb goes off on him, blowing him up.
Episode Description


Take My Siblings Please

Each of the Warners crosses a bridge to a forbidden valley. Under the bridge lives a nasty little troll and each Warner promises the troll one of their siblings.


The Mindy 500

Mindy wanders off to a racetrack. Buttons must follow her and keep her out of trouble.


Morning Malaise

An annoying morning radio show host named Howie Tern critizes people. The Warners challenge him in order to prove that they are funnier than him.


We're No Pigeons

The Goodfeathers trick a hungry young owl into believing that they are not pigeons.


Whistle Stop Mindy

Mindy follows a train to blow its whistle.


Katie Ka-Boom: The Broken Date

Katie's date doesn't arrive on time.


Miami Mama-Mia

Pesto is Outraged when his mom is going to marry a pigeon in his mid-twenties.


Pigeon on the Roof

In this parody of the musical Fiddler on the Roof, the Goodfeathers sing about their lives and dreams.


I'm Mad

Dr. Scratchansniff takes the Warners on a car trip. The Warners can't stop arguing and fighting in the backseat.


Bad Mood Bobby

Pesto and Squit try to get Bobby out of his bad mood.


Katie Ka-Boom: The Blemish

Katie freaks out when she gets a pimple before her study group.



The Warners try to convince Dr.Scratchnsniff that wrestling isn't real.
Episode Description


Deduces Wild

The Warners are on a scavenger hunt and harass Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson who are trying to help solve a series of petty thefts.


Rest In Pieces

Slappy and Skippy get a telegram while watching one of Slappy's old cartoons. The telegram reveals that Walter Wolf who was one of Slappy's old enemies is dead.


U.N. Me

The Warners sing a song about the United Nations.


Super Strong Warner Siblings

In this parody of Power Rangers, the Warners do battle with martial arts bad guys and giant evil monsters.


Nutcracker Slappy

In a cartoon directed by Charlton Woodchuck, Slappy and Skippy try to crack open a walnut to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite".


Wakko's New Gookie

Wakko experiments with new gookies, but in the end decides that his old self and his old gookie are fine.


A Quake, A Quake!

The Warners sing, surf, and dance about the 1994 California Earthquake.


Variety Speak

The Warners sing about the latest news from Hollywood taken from the pages of the magazine Variety.


Three Tenors and You're Out

Slappy and Skippy try to go to a baseball game and find the Three Tenors performing music. Annoyed by their singing, Slappy and Skippy decide to get them involved in a baseball game.



Dr. Scratchansniff starts a bingo game. Unfortunately, the only person that shows up is Wakko.


A Hard Day's Warners

In this parody of A Hard Day's Night, the Warners are trying to go to a convention but are followed everywhere they go by their crazy fans.


Gimme A Break

Slappy Squirrel is featured in a parody of a variety of action movies.


The Kid In The Lid

The Warners and Charlton Woodchuck are featured in this parody of of Dr. Seuss's "The Cat In The Hat".


Method To Her Madness

In 1955, Slappy takes Skippy for acting lessons. They go to the Method Actor's Studio. The Studio also features Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Jack Nicholson.


Gimme The Works

The Warners meet a mean hot dog vendor. Frustrated with the situation, the Warners leave the cartoon.


Buttons in Ows

Mindy and Buttons parody The Wizard of Oz.


Hercules Unwound

Pinky and the Brain are in ancient Greece.


This Pun For Hire

In a parody of The Maltese Falcon and film-noir, the Warners (as detectives) search and protect a mysterious statue from several suspicious characters.


Star Truck

The Warners are beamed onto their favorite old sci-fi show, where they cause chaos to the crew and introduce the engineer to doughnuts.


Go Fish

Wakko gets in a fight with himself over a game of go fish.



Yakko attends school and sings a song about multiplication.


The Presidents Song

The Warners sing a song about the Presidents of the United States.


Don't Tread On Us

Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration Of Independance. Brain writes up a Declaration of Obedience and hopes to switch it with Jefferson's declaration.


The Flame Returns

The Flame is present as Longfellow writes his famous poem, "Paul Revere's Ride."


The Sound of Warners

In this parody of The Sound of Music, the Warners acquire a governess. When she begins to stifle them, the Warners decide to annoy her in return.


Yabba Dabba Boo

Chicken Boo pretends to be Larry Gelboo a cartoon script advisor.


My Mother the Squirrel

The little bird from Wild Blue Yonder returns and is adopted by Slappy.


The Party

The Warners invite several people to their water tower in expectation of a surprise guest.


Oh Say Can You See?

The Flame watches Francis Scott Key write The Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812.


The Twelve Days of Christmas


The Girl with the Googily Goop

The Warners show up an a cartoon from the 1930's. They have an adventure with the animated character Googy Goop who is a parody of Betty Boop.


Gunga Dot

Dot is a water carrying servent in the desert. She has a hard time doing her job because of impatient thirsty people.


Belly Button Blues

Katie Kaboom gets furious when her parents won't let her wear clothes that are "in-style" at her school, since they make her belly button visible.


Dot's Entertainment

Dot is hired to take up an act in a famous musical. When the director becomes annoying, she and her brothers decide to ruin it.


Soccer Coach Slappy

Slappy coaches a soccer team on which her nephew plays.


Valuable Lesson

The Warners are visited by the network censors after harassing Attila the Hun.


Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise

The Warners wake up from suspended animation in a spaceship in a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Wakko's 2-note Song

Wakko makes up a song with only two-notes.


Panama Canal

Yakko sings a song about the creation of the Panama Canal.


Hello Nurse

Wakko sings a song about Hello Nurse.


The Ballad of Magellan

The Warners sing about Magellan's trip around the world.


The Return of the Great Wakkorotti

Wakko is plagued with laryngitis and cannot burp for Wakkorotti's latest performance.


The Big Wrap Party Tonight

The Warners throw a huge party and all of Hollywood's most famous stars attend.
Episode Description


One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock

After endless talk shows Slappy the Squirel goes nuts and has to be taken to a place to get help. Skippy refuses to accept this and takes on the responsiblity of getting his aunt back to normal.


Cutie and The Beast

In a parody of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, the Warners walk through a forest and encounter Taz. Dot takes a liking to him.


Boo Happens

In this parody of Forrest Gump, Chicken Boo pretends to be Forrest Boo. He is present at a number of historical events, but in the end he is exposed as a chicken as he is about to give a speech at a peace rally.



Wakko tries to write a letter to Santa. When he misspells Santa's name, Yakko corrects him in song.



Parody of Disney animated films concentrating on Pocahontas, with Dot as the eponymous Native princess.


Boids on the Hood

The Goodfeathers take revenge on Mr. Plotz to the music of Ride of the Valkyries.


Mighty Wakko at the Bat

In a parody of the Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem "Casey at the Ba", Wakko Warner must lead the Animaniacs baseball team to victory.


A Very Very Very Very Special Show

The Warners act nice, warming, and caring in order to win an award for best cartoon show. When they lose he reward, they quickly revert back to their old ways.


Night of the Living Buttons

In a parody of the music video Thriller by Michael Jackson, Buttons must save Mindy from zombies.


Soda Jerk

Wakko eats too much dessert at the ice cream parlor. When he gets the hiccups Yakko and Dot try to figure out how to cure him. Eventually, Wakko cures himself. All he really needed to do was burb.


From Burbank with Love

The Warners are partnered with a James Bond caricature on a mission.


Anchors A-Warners

Dr. Scratchansniff goes on a vacation. Unfortunately for him, the Warners tag along with him.


When You're Traveling...

Yakko explains in song the different time zones.


Papers for Pappa

The Warners chase Ernest Hemingway around the world when he refuses to sign for his office supply delivery.


Amazing Gladiators

As an anniversary present for Maurita, Flavio gets them onto her favourite TV show "Amazing Gladiators".


Pinky and the Ralph

A sneak peek of a fictional spin-off starring Pinky and Ralph the Guard.


Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner

Wakko Warner is featured in ten short films that give us a closer look at the Hollywood Legend.


No Time for Love

A cuckoo clock bird falls for a real female bird and tries to win her love on the hour.


The Boo Network

Chicken Boo pretends to be a television network programmer who decides on the network's fall line-up.


Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Brain's latest scheme for world domination involves pretending to be a baby hippo (delivered by Friz Freleng's famous drunken stork) for proud new parents Flavio and Maurita to reap an inheritance.


Mindy in Wonderland

Buttons tries to protect Mindy in a "Alice In Wonderland" world.


Ralph's Wedding

Unhappy with his home life, Ralph dreams of picture perfect marriage attended by all the Animaniacs.
Episode Description


Moosage in a Bottle

The Warners discover a bottle and find a message from lawyers in it.


Back in Style

Warner Brothers Studio is losing money because the movies of one of its stars Tab Boo are complete failures. In order to make money, Thaddeus Plotz loans the Warners out to other cartoon shows.


Bones in the Body

The Warners sit around the campfire and sing about the bones in the body. The get a little help from Skullhead Bonyhands.



Wakko is being chased by something terrifying behind the camera.


Dot - The Macadamia Nut

Dot and the rest of the Animaniacs sing and dance to a song that is a parody of the Los del Rio and Bayside Boys song "Macarena".


Bully for Skippy

Skippy is forced to deal with a bully at school at the same time as Slappy faces an advocate against cartoon violence.


Cute First (Ask Questions Later)

Snow White ask the mirror on the wall, who's the cutest of them all and its answer is Dot. Now she's trying to make Dot uncute so she will be the cutest.



In a parody of the long running hit TV show "Friends," the Warner siblings meet and try to befriend six Friend-like character knock-offs.


Here Comes Attila

The Warners sing a song about Attila the Hun and his assault upon Europe.


Boo Wonder

In this parody of Batman and Robin, Chicken Boo pretends to be the Boo Wonder.


The Brain's Apprentice

In this all musical parody of the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Fantasia, Pinky must stop a machine from making small robots that seek world domination.


Punchline - Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Punchline host Ted Foppel tries to get to the bottom of the question of why did the chicken cross the road.


Punchline - The Chicken or the Egg?

Punchline host Ted Foppel tries to get to the bottom of the question of what came first the Chicken or the Egg.


The Christmas Tree

Slappy ends up pestering everyone when her tree becomes the Christmas tree for New York City's Rockefeller Center.


Hooray for North Hollywood (1)

The Warners write a script for a movie, which is turned down by Mr. Plotz.


Hooray for North Hollywood (2)

After the Warners' movie becomes a huge hit, Mr. Plotz finds himself sinking deeper and deeper after being let go by his studio.


The Carpool

The Warners ride in a carpool with three businessman.


Sunshine Squirrels

Slappy and Skippy work on a new comedy sketch with one of Skippy's old rivals.


Katie KaBoom: Prom Night

Katie KaBoom has been asked to go to the prom. But when her parents refuse to buy her the clothes she needs, she gets angry.


Magic Time

Warners volunteer for a magic show and screw up the performance of two magicians.


The Scoring Session

The cast of Animaniacs does a recording of the music for the show and gives the replacement conductor a hard time.


Star Warners

In this parody of Star Wars, the Animaniacs play rebels who are attempting to get away from the evil and dangerous Girth Plotz.


The Animaniacs Suite

This short features a look back at previous episodes of Animaniacs set to music.


Birds on a Wire

The Goodfeathers discuss the wind and argue about the direction from which is coming.