Anna Karenina (2000)


To help her brother mend his failing marriage, young Russian beauty Anna Karenina (Helen McCrory) -- who's married to eminent nobleman Alexei Karenin (Stephen Dillane) -- leaves St. Petersburg for Moscow, where she meets the dashing Count Vronsky (Kevin McKidd). They soon fall madly in love, but the scandal of their illicit affair and Alexei's vengeance give rise to tragedy in this faithful adaptation of author Leo Tolstoy's immortal novel.

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Episode Description


Part One

Anna, a distinguished government minister's wife, embarks on a reckless affair with a dashing army officer that will change her life forever.


Part Two

Karenin allows Anna to continue living with him, even though she is pregnant with another man's child.


Part Three

Anna's illness has changed her almost beyond recognition, while Kitty and Levin finally marry.


Part Four

Kitty is pregnant and Levin is pushed to take her to Moscow for the birth. Meanwhile, Anna's desperation has tragic consequences.