Aquaman (1968)


Set in the lost city of Atlantis, Aquaman is the hero from the deep who protects the sea against any foes who threaten the peaceful undersea life. Aided by his ward Aqualad, Aquaman fights for justice on the ocean floor while keeping close contact with friends on dry land. On September 14, 1968 the Aquaman animated series was combined with Superman and Batman, along with brand new episodes starring the Justice League of America- Flash (Barry Allen), Hawkman (Carter Hall/Katar Hol), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Atom (Ray Palmer), along with the Teen Titans (Aqualad, Kid-Flash, Robin, Speedy, and Wonder Girl.) Although Wonder Girl was among the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman was not involved in the show.

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Episode Description


Aquaman: Sovereign of the Seas

A neat 26-minute-long retrospective featurette which covers Aquaman's comic book evolution, his involvement with HBO's Entourage, his guest spots in SMALLVILLE and the TV pilot which was supposed to (but never did) lead to an ongoing live-action series.
Episode Description


Menace of the Black Manta

Black Manta and his Manta Men hatch a plot against the King of the Seven Seas.


The Rampaging Reptile-Men

The Reptile Men attack a hydropower station taking Aqualad hostage. Aquaman is trapped in a cave so it's up to Storm to try and save the day.


The Return of Nepto

A major storm causes Nepto and his Viking crew to wake up from their deep sleep. They devise a plan to overthrow Atlantis and make Nepto the new king. Aquaman and Aqualad team up to try and stop them.


The Fiery Invaders

Aliens invade Earth to try and take over the planet. They set the world's oceans on fire and make a direct attack upon Atlantis. Aquaman calls in his fish friends to try and help ward off the attacks and put out the fires.


The Sea Raiders

Aliens bring their ship to Earth's oceans to grab creatures for their collection. Aquaman and Aqualad rush to the rescue when Tusky is captured.


War of the Water Worlds

Mera and her walrus companion Tusky discover a beautiful flower growing out of some silver sand. The flower kidnaps Mera to a water world beneath the regular ocean. Tusky gets Aquaman and Aqualad and they discover that Mera has been kidnapped by the evil Slath. Can they save mera before it's too late?


The Volcanic Monster

The explosion of an underwater volcano creates a giant monster that threatens the safety of the Earth. Aquaman tries to find the location of the monster's underwater lair so he can put a stop to him once and for all.


The Crimson Monster from the Pink Pool

An inter-dimensional pool of poisonous pink liquid appears on the floor of the ocean. Through it, a monster appears with its sights set on Atlantis. Aquaman and Aqualad must work quickly to protect their home.


The Ice Dragon

A dragon that, instead of breathing fire, has the ability to freeze anything in its path is causing the normally warm waters to become cold. Aquaman and Aqualad, with the help of Tusky, do battle with the dragon and eventually trick it into sealing itself into an iceberg.


The Deadly Drillers

Tremors and quakes are causing havoc in the sea. Aqualad is in the area and Aquaman goes to investigate. Turns out that diamond drills controlled by the Molemen, a race of mutants, are causing the problems. Aquaman is captured by the Molemen while Aqualad goes to warn Atlantis and learns of an invasion plan. Can Aquaman save himself and Atlantis?


Vassa, Queen of the Mermen

Queen Vassa brings her army of mechanical replica whales to take over Aquaman's home world. She captures Mera and threatens to destroy Atlantis. Will Aquaman be able to save his friend Mera and Atlantis?


The Microscopic Monsters

Black Manta returns to steal Aquaman's latest invention, a growth ray that increases the size of microscopic sea life that he will then use to take over Atlantis.


The Onslaught of the Octomen

Aqualad finds a city built by a super scientific race. The race turns out to be The Octomen. Aqualad and Tusky are kidnapped by them to lure Aquaman into a trap and find out how he communicates with the sea creatures. While saving Aqualad, Aquaman is captured and forced to reveal how he uses his powers. This gives him an opportunity to call his undersea friends for help. At this moment the trap, an electric octo-giant, is unleashed. Aquaman and Aqualad are forced to find a way of destroying the creature.


Treacherous is the Torpedoman

Tusky discovers an old shipwreck and brings it to the attention of Aquaman and Aqualad. When they arrive at the ship they discover that it has been the hideout for the Torpedoman since his last encounter with Aquaman.


The Satanic Saturnians

Aquaman goes to investigate strange rising tides and a strong new ocean current. He discovers that there are icebergs that have moved too far South and are melting fast making the water levels rise. He sets off to the North Pole to see if the icecaps are melting.


The Brain, the Brave and the Bold

The domed city of Atlantis is attacked by The Brain, who uses sonic brain waves. Aquaman and Aqualad go to investigate and intercept a missile attack with the help of their fish friends. However, after the sonic brain waves are activated, Aquaman no longer has control over the fish, giving The Brain the perfect opportunity to attack Aquaman.


Where Lurks the Fisherman!

The Fisherman uses his crab-shaped craft to first set a trap for Aquaman and then to lead an assault on Atlantis.


Mephisto's Marine Marauders

Mephisto attacks Atlantis by dropping a sleep gas pellet into the oxygen machine for the city. He plans to wait for the city to fall asleep and take over. Aqualad sees the ships and calls Aquaman who swoops in to try and save Atlantis.


The Trio of Terror

Three of Aquaman's greatest foes join forces to defeat him. The Brain asks Black Manta and Queen Vassa to combine their genius and simultaneously attack Aquaman and Atlantis.


The Torp, the Magneto and the Claw

Aqualad and Mera discover a plot by The Magneto, Torpedo Man and The Claw to ambush Aquaman in an underwater junkyard. Will they be in time to warn their friend Aquman?


Goliaths of the Deep-Sea Gorge

A Gillman, a half human - half fish creature, is chasing Tusky. He barks for help and the aqua duo respond to save their friend. But rather than being an evil being he's actually in search of Aquaman's help. A Marine Mastadon Man has attacked his village and they are helpless. Aquaman lures the Mastadon Man away and does battle with him.


The Sinister Sea Scamp

While on a journey to get some rare phosphorus, Aquaman, Aqualad and Tusky arrive at the Valley of Glowing Rocks, get their phosphorus and head home. On the way Tusky ends up getting lost. A submarine full of mutants known as Bulks, who work for the sinister Sea Scamp, see and harass Tusky. Aquaman and Aqualad show up to save him from a kelp monster that is holding him. The Sea Scamp then animates the hunk of phosphorus into a monster to get them, but will he be victorious?


The Devil Fish

Aquaman and Mark Bartholomew, a Navy test pilot Mark Bartholomew, are to test a new experimental underwater craft called The Devil Fish. Black Manta devises a plan to capture The Devil Fish for himself. Despite Aquaman and Aqualad�s efforts to fight off an onslaught of mantamen, Mark and The Devil Fish are captured into The Great Whirlpool. Will Aquaman be able to save them?


The Sea Scavengers

Aquaman and Aqualad are checking out a threat by The Sea Scavenger on a Texas tower offshore oil drill. Down below Scavo and his scavengers are controlling a giant metal robot that tears apart the oilrig. Aquaman and Aqualad defeat the robot and then must contend with Scavo and his goons in the open water. The whole aqua team is knocked out by guns that shoot compressed water. The scavengers then activate a thermal-gun that begins to warm up the ocean. Can Aquaman save the day again?


In Captain Cuda's Clutches

Tusky arrives at the cave just before Aquaman and Aqualad and discovers a strange stone. It turns out to be a special emerald that allows Aquaman to keep tabs on his friends the Jewel People. Tusky alerts Aquaman to the arrival of Captain Cuda who is attempting to steal from his friends. Can Aquaman get there in time?


The Mirror-Man from Planet Imago

The Brain returns and is teamed up with Reflecto from the planet Imago. The two have a plan to clone Aquaman and use him to conquer Atalantis.


The Sea Sorcerer

The Sea Sorcerer has cast a spell to take over command of the sea. After making it through an underwater sandstorm and a magical dragon, the Sea Sorcerer tricks Aquaman and puts him into a constant sandstorm and kidnaps Aqualad and Tusky.


The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly

Captain Sly has his divers place a trap on the ocean floor to capture Aquman.


The Undersea Trojan Horse

Dr. Lamprey, and evil scientist, has a plan to get rid of Aquaman and Aqualad using robot fish so he can take over Atlantis. He has hidden his control center in giant replica of a Portuguese Man-0-War. Will Aquaman be able to defeat the robots or will he and Atlantis be doomed?


The Vicious Villainy of Vassa

Queen Vassa returns with five ships in an effort to get even with Aquaman by attacking his home of Atlantis. Aquaman is inside Atlantis when a warning system alerts him to an attack. After getting everyone to safety, he and Aqualad try to defend their home.


Programmed for Destruction

The Brain is hidden in his new scientific laboratory with what appears to be a mountain of solid rock. He programs his computer with every known fact about Aquaman to produce a scientific formula for his destruction.


The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars

Aqualad and Tusky are racing home when they run into Aquaman who informs them they are needed for a top-secret assignment. When they arrive for a briefing they are told that a new planet has been discovered, planet Q-344. The new planet is entirely covered in water and is inhabited by intelligent life. Aquaman agrees to explore the new planet for the government.


The Stickmen of Stygia

Aqualad and Mera build a ship from items they find on the ocean floor to play a prank on Aquaman. In the meantime, a group of aliens are searching for Aquaman to take him back to the planet Stygia as a water slave.


Three Wishes to Trouble

Aqualad and Tusky discover an old crusty jug. Aqualad goes to look inside and releases Snork The Great, an undersea genie. He offers Aqualad 3 wishes. His first wish is for a powerful robot that will do anything he wants. When the robot gets out of his control and Aquaman can't stop it, Aqualad has to use his second wish on a robot smashing machine. When Aqualad goes to put the genie back in the jug temptation overcomes him and he wishes to, for once, have Aquaman's powers. Again, the wish turns disastrous and Aqualad has to come save the day.


The Silver Sphere

Aquaman must try and stop a war that begins after a silver sphere mysteriously appears from a crevasse in the ocean floor. Tortoids and The Lizard Men both want the sphere and Aquaman suggests that they compete in a series of athletic events to determine ownership rather than to fight over it. The winner to have possession of the sphere for an entire year. The Black Manta has been observing from his nearby ship and he also wants the mysterious silver sphere.


To Catch a Fisherman

Tusky is lost so Aquaman and Aqualad seek help from the Old man of the Sea. He tells them they can find Tusky where the sea burns. Unfortunately, the Fisherman has captured Tusky and the Old man of the Sea and has set an elaborate trap for the duo.