Archer was a detective drama based on the novels of Ross Macdonald.

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Episode Description


The Turkish Connection

Private Detective Lew Archer encounters a con man who uses naive teenagers to extort huge sums of money from their wealthy parents.


The Arsonist

Archer helps the operator of a delicatessen who claims he was swindled out of his property by the county tax collector.


The Body Beautiful

Archer is hired to track down the blackmailers who have created phony photos of a rich man's fiancee in pornographic poses.


Shades of Blue

When a man he is investigating is found dead, Archer becomes the prime suspect for the murder.


The Vanished Man

A woman who initially panicked after hitting a man with her car returns to the scene only to find that his body has disappeared. She hires Archer to find out what happened.


Blood Money

A dying mobster hires Archer to find the wife and son he abandoned years earlier, so that he can give them some of his ill-gotten money.