Archie's Fun House


Archie appears on stage in front of a theater full of (live-action) kids each week and introduces his Fun House and the star of the show, the Giant Jukebox. The Archie gang gives its audience crazy blackout gags, outrageous puns and wacky jokes. The regular segments are "How to Catch a Man" with Big Ethel, "Thunderbolt Theatre" and "Giant Jukebox Jokes." Semi-regular features include "The Early Early Show,""Betty's Diary,""The Big, Big World of Sports" with Coach Cleats, an inept trapeze act with Reggie and Moose; and more. Each episode has three songs performed by The Archies.

Episode Description


Archie and His New Pals

Big Moose and Reggie Mantle compete against each other for Class President. Sabrina is introduced as a new student at Riverdale High.
Episode Description


Ice Block & Circus Act

The Archies perform "Love Vibrations,""Falling in Love Is Fun" and "I'm Just a Puppet on a String." Big Ethel chases Jughead on the ice. Reggie and Moose perform a trapeze act.


Animal Antics & Roller Rink

The Archies perform "The Ways I Love You,""Love Vibrations" and "The Laughing Song." Big Ethel uses a giant slingshot to catch Jughead. Dilton invents a back scratcher.


Magic Reggie & Surf's Up

The Archies perform "Monkey See, Monkey Do,""Lucky Me" and "Love Vibrations." Reggie's magic act goes bad. His attempt to show off his surfing skills goes worse.


Snowball Skating & Bumsteer's Rodeo

The Archies perform "Comes the Sun,""Love Vibrations" and "Sweet Saturday Night." The cast bumbles through ice-skating routines. Coach Cleats goes to the rodeo and the Swiss Alps.


Ethel's Rocket & Weatherby's Camping

The Archies perform "Hey, Little One," the anti-pollution-preaching "Mr. Factory," and "Love Land." Mr. Weatherbee tries to build a tree shelter. Ethel's human cannonball trick fails.


Chef's Kitchen & Professor's Magic Tricks

The Archies perform "Anyone Can Be Anything,""The Lonely Cricket" and "Comes the Sun." Reggie's egg soufflé ends up on his face. Jughead's magic tricks all go awry.


Fayre & Nature Photography

The Archies perform "Sunshine,""Comes the Sun" and "Honey." The Fun House County Fair goes badly. Mr. Weatherbee's and Miss Grundy's nature photography goes worse.


Trashman & Baseball

The Archies perform "Dance,""Sunshine" and "We're One Big Family." Big Ethel hides herself in a fake trashcan. Betty and Veronica want Archie to play baseball with them.


Harp & Painting Archie

The Archies perform "Young Love,""Rowboat Ride" and "Sunshine." Big Ethel's harp-playing is awful, while Mr. Weatherbee's awful paint job is psychedelic.


Flying Fools & Birthday Dinner

The Archies perform "Love Went Round,""Sunshine" and "Somebody Likes You." The gang enacts "Flying Fools" and other movie spoofs. Betty and Veronica make Archie a birthday dinner.


Mind Reading & Fast Bucks

The Archies perform "Candy Kisses,""Mr. Factory" and "Comes the Sun." Moose performs a bad mind-reading act. Reggie's scheme to get the deposit money from empty bottles fails.


Space Spectacular & Fresh Air

The Archies perform "Oh, Sweet Suzie,""Don't Run from Love" and "Mr. Factory." Outer space is the theme of the opening segment, anti-pollution the theme of the closing song.


Fishing Trip & Mr Factory

The Archies perform "Jungle George," the anti-pollution-preaching "Mr. Factory" and "Looks That Say I Love You." Betty and Veronica compete with the boys to catch more fish.


Jungle Doctor & Lake

The Archies perform "La La La La Love,""We're One Big Family" and "The Ballad of 51st Street." Jughead and Dilton perform "Scraggly and Livingston." Reggie and Moose fix up a sailboat.


All Tied Up & Tennis Courts

The Archies perform "The Big Boat,""Don't Let It Get You Down" and "We're One Big Family." Reggie is an inept escape artist. Betty and Veronica play the boys on the tennis court.


Really Big Caesar & Acrobats

The Archies perform "Little by Little,""We're One Big Family" and "My Singing Guitar." The Archie gang spoofs Little Caesar (1931). Reggie and Moose are crummy acrobats.
Episode Description


Coke Machine & Shadow Boxing

While Archie tries to use a soda machine that is on the fritz, Betty adds a new and highly fanciful chapter to her diary.


Photo Machine & Elevator

Archie comes across a talking photo machine while Professor Jughead gives a skiing lesson and Dilton Doily invents the only self-starting bird shower.


Jughead Pulls Fire-Hose & Cannon

Jughead performs a running gag with a fire hose, while Mr. Weatherbee demonstrates how to pitch a pup tent and Reggie explains his fearless dreams.


Paint Your Car & Breaking Car

Jughead's new high-powered spray gun "helps" Archie paint his jalopy, Reggie tries to impress Veronica and a terrifying TV show convinces Hot Dog Jr. that is house is being burglarized.


Piano Movers & Light Shows

Archie and Moose try to deliver a piano and later Archie films an old-fashioned movie with Betty tied to the track and Reggie and Jughead running the train -- without brakes.


Telephone & Door

Trouble comes when Archie answers an old-fashioned telephone.


Seesaw & Drive-in

Archie, Reggie and Moose perform a death-defying seesaw act, while the "Little Archies" give Mr. Weatherbee's dog, Fluff, a bath.