Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe


Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe was a popular twenty-six part television series looking at unexplained phenomena across the universe. It was first broadcast in 1994 in the UK by independent television network ITV. It was the sequel to Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World and Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers.

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Episode Description


Snake Charmers, Wolf Children and Holy Men

Indian mystics have long impressed with their snake-charming and rope tricks : but are they illusions or real magic?


On the Trail of the Big Cats

The search for hard evidence to back up sightings of big cats in unlikely locations


Where Giants Walked

Theories explaining the enormous carved heads on Rapa Nui, better known as Easter Island


Relics of the Saints

Scientists investigate the Turin Shroud and other myths surrounding religious relics


Mysteries of the Sea

The intriguing Marie Celeste mystery, and an exploration of a Sri Lankan shipwreck


The Psychic Detectives

Can psychic visions really aid police murder investigations?


Keys to the Past

The mystery of giant stone jars discovered on an Indo-Chinese plain


The Burning Question

Theories which attempt to explain the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion


A Crop of Circles

Are crop circles messages from extraterrestrial forces or clever hoaxes?


At Death's Door

Myths and beliefs surrounding the final frontier : death


Callers from the Cosmos

Investigation into whether extraterrestrials are trying to contact man, and alleged alien abductions


The Evil Eye

Tales of curses and omens which defy logical explanation


Secrets of the Pyramids

What recent evidence reveals about the mystery of the pyramids


Mysteries of the Maya

The sci-fi writer talks to archaeologists trying to uncover the truth about the Mayan civilization


Squaring the Bermuda Triangle

Scientific theories surrounding the bizarre disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle


Doom of the Dinosaurs

Possible reasons for the dinosaurs' extinction, including a meteorite impact which could have caused a nuclear winter


Cracking Codes: Writings, Runes and Other Riddles

Unravelling the mystery surrounding the Vinland map and the Kensington Runestone


Zombies, The Living Dead?

Are tales of the living dead simply superstition, or is there a medical explanation?


The Strange Powers of Animals

Claims that some animals have extra-ordinary psychic abilities are investigates including the story of a cow that traveled 7 miles in search of her calf that was sold at the market


Into Thin Air

This episode details the stories of people who supposedly saw buildings and other structures only for them to disappear afterwords.


Baffling Bombardments

Weird tales of objects falling from clear skies are examined. Apples, fish, frogs and coke raining down are just one of the few strange occurrences in this episode.


Meeting Mary: Visions Of The Virgin

Clarke investigates modern day apparitions of Virgin Mary in three distinct locations.


Secrets Of Ancient Worlds

Pre-historic archaeological phenomenon such as the lost city of Atlantis has long been the subject of interest for scientists and most creative writers.


Spirits Of Place: Hauntings & Spectres

Spirits, ghosts, phantoms and the various places they haunt are examined by Clarke in this episode.


True Or False: More Than Meets The Eye?

Some of the most revered historic treasures lying in various museums around the world may have hoaxes. Clarke investigates a few cases where a conclusive authenticity is almost impossible to determine.


Mysteries Of The North

This episode explores mysteries of northern regions where the mercury is at sub-zero levels. One of them is the doomed fate of the Norse Settlements in Greenland.