Outrageous misadventures of an almost normal family with a housewife, her husband, and their two kids Yuusuke and Mikan. Wacky humor about this weird family's daily life.

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Episode Description


I'm Saying, That's Not It! / Don't Be Scared!


I Shouldn't Have Said That / Come Home!


Geez / Father:


How To Eat Things Like Bread Crusts / Mother's Sense of Justice


Happy Family Circle...? / Those Expirations


Mom, Your Eyes are Hazy? / The Spirit is Unnaturalized


It's Mom Again? / Father Likes That


Mom, Asian Resort / Yoshioka, Kotsun


Mikan, Give Up Being a Human / Yuzu, As Usual


Mom Can't Throw It Away / Yuzu is a Natto Expert


Enter Mom! / Mom's Vocabulary



Episode Description


Strong-Willed Mom! / Yuzu Wants to Wear Sunglasses / Mom Likes New Weapons

Mom wants to teach the children the power of ‘I can’ thinking... Mom shows the family their true ultimate secret weapon. Yuzu is dying to see himself in sunglasses, but the World has other plans...


Mikan Is Reset to Factory Settings / We`ve Been Here for a While / Dad Is Very Tolerant

Who knew that multi-tasking could be this hard?! It’s been ten years and the memories have piled up—both good and bad. Even the most lenient husbands have their limits...


Yuzupi`s Mother / Mothers` Bowling / Beware Mom`s Angry Glare

Yuzu’s fanclub tries to imagine the wondrous woman who raised their idol... Mom and her friends put their money where their mouth is... When your mother’s intensity is at complete odds with the subject at hand...


Kawashima`s Charm / Mizushima-san Is Young / Take Care of Your Own Butt

Yuzupi’s fan club has a new charm to get his attention... Tricks to look younger, or just looking younger? Mom is getting tired of her irresponsible family and she’s got a new plan.


Mom`s on the Ball / Yuzu and Friends Go to the Movies / Men`s Peace

Every mom will have her day. Everyone’s got that one friend... When you hold your tongue you hold the peace.


Mom and the Jigsaw Puzzle / Mikan Confuses / Simple Meals

Mom gets sucked in by the jigsaw demon. When you and your teacher both call people by the wrong name. Don’t mess with Mom’s food.


Shiny Forehead / Mom, the Refill Genius / Man`s Bluntness

Mom's got a shiny forehead to match her shiny personality... Did the room just get brighter? Is Mom good enough to become the world champion refiller the world needs and deserves? Nowadays, everybody avoids being direct so as not to be blunt. However, Dad and his friend think that that's not always the best...


Pull Out That Gray Hair / Yuzu Is Bad at Not Being Independent / What Does Dad See in Mom?

The fine tradition of daughters pulling out gray hairs. Yuzu wants to know the big secret. What attracts us to someone isn't always easy to explain...


Mom, in the Hip Bath / Yoshioka Envy! / Mom`s Rejuvenation Methods

Mom's version of the hip bath is scary... Whoever thought Mikan would be envious of Yoshioka. Families can be so cruel...


Sudou-chan`s Glasses / Donut Fever / What I`m Into Lately

Fujino just wants a girl to think he's funny... It's the holey experience... What are you into these days?


Mikan, the Window-Cleaning Pro / Mom`s Hunch Intelligence / Mom`s Not Good at Examples

Mom awakens the window cleaning pro in Mikan, but Mom's greed ends Mikan's cleaning career prematurely. Mom draws on the hive intelligence to make crucial decisions too often. Mom just can't get the hang of coming up with appropriate examples for her excitement.


A Beary Christmas / Prehistoric Mom Swears on Her Intuition / Iwaki-kun and the Christmas Cake

Will Mikan ever meet her Christmas miracle again? Mom teaches Mikan how technology dampens your intuition. The most boring Christmas ever is about to take a drastic turn for Mikan.


New Year`s at the Tachibana House / The Mochi Competition / New Year`s Is Too Short

The family has their own special brand of New Year's traditions... Knowledge is powerful, but for mochi pounding, that's not all you need... So many hopes, so much to do, so little time...


Dad Doesn`t Consult / Mom`s Brain Training / Ugh, Boys

Dad just does dad things when his whim strikes... The brain training actually works, but maybe it shouldn't have? Boys really have a one-track mind....


Mom Spaces Out / Nasuo's Character Bentos / Is This No-Creepo?

No, she's thinking about important things! Nasuo's embarrassed by his mom's bento lunch at first, but then... The line between creepy and not is not always clear...


Mom Is Strangely Intuitive / According to Men's Plan / You-Can-Do-It Beam

Good intuition and good timing don't always go hand in hand. When it all goes according to plan. Mom's not going to let the small businesses down.


Takkun`s Bean Throwing Festival / Mikan`s a Boor / The Guineafowl Incident

Yuzu is very careful to not crush Takkun's euphoria for demons. For Mikan, too many times, asking is silver, silence is gold. The guinea fowl is so good that it leads to a downward spiral of silliness.


Mothers, Parents to the Entrance Exam Students / Mikan`s Valentine / Yuzu`s Late-Night Men`s Meal

Sometimes, school exams stress the parents more than the kids. Is Mom's little girl growing up? The best snacks are had in the dead of night.


Mikan Doesn`t Want to Help / Nothing Beats Dad`s Kindness / I Want Hamburg Steaks

Why doesn't Mikan want to help around the house? Only Mikan's noticing the little things. Let the meaty torture begin!


Takkun the Big Eater / Mom, Dad, Trekking / Mikan Drops the Balls

Takkun only eats what Yuzuhiko eats. Hiking is so relaxing. Oh wait, Mom's along... Were Mikan and Yuzu switched at birth?


The Smart Way of Returning an Umbrella / Why Did You Just Laugh? / Yuzu and the Shadow Realm

Finding the perfect setting for returning umbrellas is harder than it seems. Mikan just really wants to know why you just laughed. Yuzu falls into a hateful parallel universe.


Mom Understands Dad / Rabbit Doodles / Yoshioka Doesn`t Want to Take an Umbrella

Mom and Dad can communicate telepathically. Or can they? Yuzuhiko discovers the intoxicating world of doodling. The day he takes an umbrella is the day he stops being himself.


They`ll Never Notice / Mom Pretends She Knows / The Yuzu-Fandom`s Hallowed Ground

Like mother, like daughter. Do mothers really know best? They might be making a mountain of a molehill.


Mom's Surprise Present / Yuzuhiko and the Baseball Club (Part One) / Yuzuhiko and the Baseball Club (Part Two)

Mom's on a mission for the perfect birthday present. Yuzu's school has a phantom baseball club. The Phantom Club has two die-hard fans.


The Hot Spring Slippers / Yoshioka Hates Fish / Yuzu`s Nicknames


The Hot Spring Slippers / Yoshioka Hates Fish / Yuzu`s Nicknames


This House is My Castle! / Mikan and the Cherry Blossom Viewing / Everybody's Dream