Atul's Spice Kitchen: Malaysia


Following appearances on Great British Menu and Market Kitchen, double Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar takes on his first presenting role. Atul's Spice Kitchen sees the chef explore Malaysia’s cuisine and a spice trade that’s influenced by China, India, Portugal and Thailand. Running five critically-acclaimed London restaurants, Atul has been credited as re-inventing Indian cuisine in the UK and is no stranger to exciting, flavour-packed food.

Episode Description



Award-winning Indian chef, Atul Kochhar, tracks down Malaysia's very best recipes. Here, he finds out why Penang is called the 'food capital of Malaysia'.


Kuala Lumpur

Award-winning Indian chef, Atul Kochhar, travels around Malaysia on a journey to find the country's best recipes. In Kuala Lumpur, he makes food fusion classics.



Chef Atul Kochhar is in the Malaysian region of Borneo, Sarawak. Local journalist and food writer, Dunstan takes Atul on a pungent adventure to a fishing village where they see how 'belanchan,' or pounded shrimp paste is made.



Chef Atul Kochhar is on the beautiful West coast of Malaysia - famous for its fresh and dried fish. In his coastal kitchen Atul cooks one of the most popular Malaysian dishes, chicken satay and sea bass in a sweet and spicy sauce.



Chef Atul Kochhar ends his culinary journey on the East coast of Malaysia. It's a lush region of paddy fields and tropical fruit, and Atul soon learns of the Thai influence on the dishes here.