Austin Stevens - Adventures


Nature series hosted by Austin Stevens that is broadcast on Animal Planet and five. Most of the footage was filmed in HD format with certain episodes featuring sequences of time slice photography.

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Episode Description


Giant Python Invader

Austin ventures through Florida's Everglades in search of a giant alien invader. Burmese pythons are thriving in this area... and Austin wants to see them in action.


Night of the Hyenas

Austin explores the rugged landscapes of Ethiopia in search of a close-up encounter with the notoriously deadly spotted hyena. His first stop is the walled city of Harer where, for centuries, the locals have lived side by side with hyenas. A fragile truce founded on an ancient ritual. To satisfy the hyena's hunger and protect themselves, the villagers must feed the animals by hand.


The Last Serpent

Austin is on a mission to find one of the most elusive snakes in the world, the mythical and mysterious Tzabcan rattlesnake. His journey starts at the giant stone statues of Chichen Itza: ancient Mayan ruins from a civilisation that revered the Tzabcan. But this civilisation is gone, and so are the snakes.


Australia's Lost Eden

Austin heads to northern Australia, determined to photograph the extraordinary creatures and reptiles that live there before their pristine habitat is changed forever.


In the Shadow of Armoured Giants

Austin heads to the grasslands of Swaziland in search of the rare and elusive rhino. Although rhinos are one of the deadliest animals in Africa, Austin wants to get up close to photograph them.


Man-eating Leopards

Austin travels to South Africa in search of leopards. Feared as man-eaters, these deadly hunters are so elusive that few people ever even manage to spot one. But Austin is determined to find a mother and her cubs, and come home with a rare family portrait.


Grizzly Bears

Austin heads to Western Canada's Great Bear Rainforest in search of a full-grown grizzly. And he's not taking any chances; he's timed his mission to coincide with the annual salmon run, which lures bears of all sizes out into the open for feeding.


Elephant Charge

Austin is in Sri Lanka searching for Asian elephants. He's spent years photographing their majestic African cousins and now he wants to get a shot of the rare, tusked Asian elephant, known as tuskers. Not just that, he wants a shot of one charging straight towards him!


Monster Python


Killer Amazon Bats

Austin's latest assignment is to photograph the deadly Vampire Bat - a mammal known to live deep in underground caves. But there's a hitch: Austin is claustrophobic. Hoping to avoid the bats' dark and cramped lair, Austin heads to the western edge of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest, where bats of all species thrive in the dense vegetation.


Killer Lion Stakeout


Hippo Face-Off