Austin Stories


The story of three friends - Laura , A newspaper columnist, Howard, a homeless slacker, and Chip, a misdirected career-vagabond, - and their misadventures together.

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Episode Description


Rambling Prague Vest

Howard (Howard Kremer) gets a great deal on a car, but must resort to outrageous methods to get the vehicle out of the impound lot. Also: Laura's Czech boyfriend has a negative effect on pay day; Chip struggles to get a movie deal. Laura House, Brad "Chip" Pope.


I Want Candy

Howard (Howard Kremer) adds Chip's efforts to his latest recipe for success: selling old chocolates picked from a candy store's dumpster. But the scam proves to be a pain in the mouth for their customers, including two radio jocks who take a liking to Chip (Brad "Chip" Pope). Laura: Laura House.



Howard is the prime suspect when things start disappearing from Laura's house; Chip is convinced that he smells like diapers, and frantically searches for a cure. Laura House, Howard Kremer, Brad "Chip" Pope.


Stalker of a Sales Band

Howard (Howard Kremer) puts his charms to work as a car salesman; Laura finds herself the object of a stalker's affections; Chip forms a band. Laura House, Brad "Chip" Pope.



Howard's thinking about getting his own place after falling in love with a mobile home. Laura, meanwhile, experiences the sweet and bitter tastes of celebrity when her picture appears in the newspaper; and Chip befriends a teen cult.



With nothing to do on the hottest day of the year, Laura and the guys throw the wildest party of the summer. Laura House, Howard Kremer, Brad "Chip" Pope.



Chip (Brad "Chip" Pope) receives a visit from his mother and stepfather; Howard returns from New Jersey in a bad mood; Laura copes with her competitive nature.


Road Trip

Chip (Brad "Chip" Pope) slides into depression after Angie finally decides to move out of his apartment; and Laura (Laura House) meets resistance when she invites the gang to go tubing down a nearby river. Howard Kremer.


Chicks with Discs

Laura (Laura House) comforts her grieving boss; Chip pursues his video fantasy; Howard flirts with a new game. Howard Kremer.


Austin Sex Stories

Chip (Brad "Chip" Pope) disturbs his ex-girlfriend Chloe while she's on a hot date; Laura investigates a story on an underground sex club; Howard's sex life is put on hold. Laura House, Howard Kremer.


The Story of Cereal

Howard (Howard Kremer) pursues the sexy director of a theater for children, but she seems smitten with her new star actor---Chip (Brad "Chip" Pope). Meanwhile, Chloe and Laura bond after Laura learns she needs glasses.


My Brother's Creeper

Howard's brother (Richard Edson) arrives in Austin with a strange request; Chip is left homeless when Chloe takes over the apartment lease; Laura's stalled love life kicks into overdrive when three men come courting. Howard Kremer, Laura House.