Australia - Eye of the Storm


This four part series discusses how the powerful climate systems that batter Australia affect the weather, wildlife, and people. Each programme traces the development of one extreme climatic force and explains how Australia's animals and plants have adapted to survive.

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Episode Description


La Niña

Cyclones. Massive floods. Endless rain. Some years eastern Australia seems to almost disappear underwater. La Niña is the story of Australia's unique creatures and how they cope with this wettest of catastrophe. For some, like the red kangaroo, it's a chance of a lifetime.


Southern Exposure

Southern Australia lies exposed to the icy moods of the great Southern Ocean and Antartica. This giant climate engine dominates the annual seasons and the life stories of the the wildlife of Southern Australia.


El Niño

El Niño. The very name can strike fear into people. From devastating floods in Peru and Chile to the heartbreaking droughts and fires in Australia. Indeed, Australia would be a very different place if it weren't for the mighty force of El Niño.



The climate of north west Australia is governed by two seasons, 'the wet' and 'the dry'. This annual cycle, as regular as a heartbeat, dictates the rhythm of life for the plants and animals of the Australian wilderness.