Avengers (1999)


This series tells the stories of Marvel Comics greatest general membership superhero teams (as opposed to a family organization like the Fantastic Four or a minority group organization like the X-Men). Led by Hank Pym as Ant-Man and Janet van Dyne as the Wasp, they fight evil around the world and beyond against threats like Ultron.

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Episode Description


Avengers Assemble (1)

Ultron creates a robot he calls the vision and sends it to destroy antman. to get antmans attention he attacks the president.hawkeye is ordered to protect the president while the other Avengers fight mechanical weapons.when hawkeye gets destracted a flying man who calls himself falcon saves tigra and the president.afterwards the man who gives them orders yells at hawkeye and orders them to find falcon and make him a avenger.after he leaves they invite falcon to join the avengers just after he arrives the vision up and nearly kills wonder man then it ends with a to be continued


Avengers Assemble (2)

wonder man is put in a life support unit.they surch the vision with electricity and he goes unconious. since wonder mans condition is fatal they inplat simons brain ingrams in to the vision just at that moment ultrons mechanical weapons fly towards the avengers manison while they are fighting vision frees himself meanwhile ultron appears and reveals himself as the robot that antman built vision shows up and fights his ex master after ultron leaves they learn that it was a diverision to steal wonder mans body and the episode ends



Time traveler Kang the Conqueror appears creating havoc while looking for a special crystal obelisk from ancient Egypt. This object would allow him to go back into the future and oppress millions of people. The Avengers must protect the world, past, present and future, at all costs.


Comes a Swordsman

The traveling carnival of which Hawkeye used to be a part is behind a series of thefts from a biological weapon study lab. When the Avengers question Hawkeye about his loyalties, he is insulted and leaves. While the Avengers face the thieves, Hawkeye must face his past and his old mentor, the Swordsman.



Strange remnants of Ultron's previous experiments create terror on an island where France's main nuclear testing facility exists. The Avengers race to control or destroy these machines before they start a nuclear war. Only they haven't planned on Ultron paying a visit as well.


Command Decision

Assigned to guard a shipment of highly dangerous government weapons, the Avengers' mission is complicated when Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil try to steal the cargo. To make matters more difficult, Captain America comes on the scene, leaving Ant Man to work out his leadership issues while still focusing on the job at hand.


To Rule Atlantis

Mystrious earth qaukes in Europe sends the Avengers there. were they find out that the earth qaukes are caused artificialy . the Avengers suspect prince Namor of Atlantis so they go under the sea to investigate. they discover Namor is not causing the earth qaukes but if Namor isn't causing the qaukes who is??


Shooting Stars

When satellites are blasted out of their orbits, the whole world is threatened. Learning that the criminal organization The Zodiac is behind the chaos, the Avengers rocket into space to stop the blackmail of Earth's cities.


What a Vision Has to Do

Vision volunteers to be ""bait"" to allow himself to be captured by Ultron as a way for the Avengers to track him to the villain's lair. It works, but Ultron is ready for them. Will Wonder Man's engrams be returned to his body?


Egg-streme Vengeance

Jealous genius Elias Starr (a.k.a. Egghead) initiates a plot to destroy his archrival Ant-Man by making Ant-Man's ""Pym Particles"" go crazy. While the other Avengers raid Egghead's fortified headquarters, Wasp and Vision race to find a cure before Ant Man shrinks into subatomic oblivion.


The Sorceress's Apprentice

scarlet Whitch visits agatha Harkness accompanyed by the vision to see what she can do for wonder man. but she is kidnnapped by her son Nicholas cratch and taken to New Salem to be put on trial for supposedly betreying New Salem. Scarlet Whitch calls the rest of the avengers to help her but the are busy fighting the Grim Reaper.put can the vision and Scarlet Whitch rescue her from the super humans of New Salem??? and what well happen to wonder man?????


Earth and Fire (1)

Something is dangerously affecting the magnetic fields of the earth. Wasp realizes that her father's old business partner, Cornelius Van Lundt, is behind the disruptions. Wasp must face her past in order to save the earth.


Earth and Fire (2)

Someone wants an ancient meteorite buried beneath an island, which is the reason for the disruptions in the Earth's magnetic fields. The Avengers have a final showdown with the Zodiac Gang.