Baby I'm Back


Baby I'm Back was a sitcom from the late 1970's featured former Sanford and Son star Demond Wilson and Room 222's Denise Nicholas who portrayed separated Husband and Wife of seven years. Ray Ellis (Wilson) had abandoned his family in Washington D.C. to head for California seven years ago owing money to loansharks and unable to manage his marriage leaving his wife(Nicholas) his seven year boy Jordan (Tony Holmes) and 2 year old daughter Angie(Kim Fields). Out in California, an old friend of Ray's runs into him at the racetrack betting window letting him know that his wife, Olivia is remarrying(Colnel Wallace Dickey)and he(Ray) has been declared leagally dead prompting Ray to move back to Washington D.C. and take on the task of proving himself legally alive and proving to Olivia that he could be a great husband and father. However, he had to contend with his Mother N'Law Luzelle(Helen Martin) and his rivalry dimwitted Colnel Wallace Dickey.(Ed Hall).

Episode Description



This first episode begins with Olivia and Luzelle at her lawyers officially declaring Raymond Ellis legally dead after no contact or calls have been made for the last seven years. Ray runs into an old friend in California who informs him that Olivia has declared him dead legally and is getting remarried. Ray flies back to reconcile with Olivia and the children. 14 year old son Jordan is not at all thrilled when he learns his his father is back while Angie is estatic, Luzelle is attacks him with dishrags as Olivia walks in with disappointment once she realizes he is back. Although Ray is back, Olivia continues with her plans to marry Wallace Dickey but the wedding the wedding gets a suprise guest. Ray moves into Olivia's building to be closer to her and the kids.


Little Drummer Jordan Boy

After his mother refuses to give Jorden $300.00 for drums, Ray offers to give the Jordan the cash also hoping this will bring him closer to his son. Olivia is furious and tells Ray off then makes Jordan return the drums and give Ray's money back. Jordan then accuses his father of giving him the money to get closer to his mother.


So, what are you doing this weekend

With Luzelle and the kids leaving for the weekend, Olivia plans a romantic dinner for her and Wallace, who calls to tell Olivia that he is unable to make it due to army manuvers but it is Ray who takes the call and manages to use Wallace's absence to his advantage to spend a romantic evening with Olivia; Luzelle and the kids gets stranded on the road after the car breaks down.


Wallace's Flipside

Olivia is all dressed up to go to a banquet at the pentagon with Wallace, but Wallace and Ray go for drinks at the local hangout and Wallace ends up getting drunk and shares moments of his past like with Ray. See ""Quotes"" section for some funny lines from this episode.


Racetrack (Like father, like son)

Olivia is furious when she discovers that after spending the day with Ray Jordan made bets at the racetrack winning $200.00. Ray convinces Olivia to let him bet the money on a longshot horse that Jordan predicts to win for $18,000. Olivia soon changes her tunes once she realizes that the horse is winning the race on television. Luzelle gets smashed (drunk) while attempting to cook a french dinner for Angie and Jordan ""after a day with that low-life father"".


Are we there yet?

Olivia, Wallace and the kids go out of town for the weekend while Luzelle stays behind. Ray drops in to find out Olivia has left with her fiancee' and the kids then manages to find out where they are staying from Luzelle without her knowing right away. As Ray is driving his friend's motor home on highway I-95, someone comes out of hiding in a wooden chest inside of the motor home. Much to Ray's suprise, it is Luzelle. Olivia and the rest of the clan return due to bad weather while Ray and Luzelle have to spend the evening together stuck on the highway due to a bad snowstorm.


Musical Rooms

Due to Luzelle's insomia, Angie is sent to room with Jordan who protests against his mother's wishes by going upstairs to room with Ray, who tries to make him go back to his mother so Ray can have peace and watch a game on TV. Eventally everyone meets in Ray's apartment and eventually comes to an agreement as to who will sleep where which brings an unexpected result for Ray.


All bets are on

Ray gets a temporary job in Hialeah, FL and makes a bet with Olivia that Wallace could fall under temptation of another woman. Ray tells her that if Wallace fights temptation, he will take the job in Hialeah and leave for the time, and if Wallace gives to the woman, Olivia must spend a romantic night at Ray's place. Olivia puts herself in disguise and proceeds to seduce Wallace with Ray watching at the local hangout. Will the uptight Colnel give in? You have to watch and find out.


Baby, I'm Back

Ray briefs the viewing audience in a voiceover about how Olivia and Wallace tried to get married and had him declared leagally dead. He of course foiled the attempt, but Olivia and Wallace attempt again to get married causing Ray to try and get himself declared legally alive so she will not be able to marry another person. Olivia suprises him by moving up the time of the wedding so that Ray will not have enough time to spoil the ceremony.


Ray's trouble

Ray is all of the sudden been tracked down by two men who claim that they are loan shark collectors for someone who lent Ray $200.00 seven years ago. Ray must pay back the $200.00 plus the interest per week over the seven years that was accumulated bringing the amount to $7,280.00. He is threatened and is afraid for his life. He goes to Olivia for help but she accuses him of lying.


Lucky 15.....maybe

It is Ray and Olivia's 15th wedding anniversary. Ray has romantic plans for the evening but Olivia would rather spend a nice quiet evening with her fiancee' Wallace. Unlucky with his plans, Ray goes to the local bar and runs into Racine Parks. A woman he and Olivia went to high school with. Since Ray couldn't have Olivia, he decides to take Racine to his place for a rendevous but not without stopping by Olivia's first to see Olivia and then up to his place causing Olivia to be jealous. Ray and Racine's fun comes to an end when Ray gets a phone call from someone that knows what he and Racine have been up to.


Matthew, Mark, Luke and Ray

Angie puts on a church play about the story of Ruth from the Bible with a little twist. Ruth is about to marry another man (who is bald at the top of the head) until the ""prodigal son"" (played by Jordan) returns after 7 years and claims that Ruth is still his wife and remarries her. Ruth's mother responds by dropping dead. It was told that Ruth remarried her first husband for the sake of the children. And of course, it is revealed by Angie in front of the whole congregation that Ray helped her write this church play. (It was so obvious, right?) Oliva angrily decides to leave on a trip with Wallace despite Ray's objections.


Guamward Bound

In this final episode for the season, Olivia runs into her friend Anita at the Pentagon who tells her about how great the place Guam is and how it was life changing for her. With some mistaken encouragement from her mother Olivia does some re-examining in her life and decides not choose between Ray and Wallace, leave her life and job behind, pick up her family and move to the dry gultch location of Guam.