Baddiel's Syndrome


Sit com featuring David Baddiel as a therapy attending architect.

Episode Description



David attempts to hypnotise himself into tolerating his new girlfriend's irritating mannerisms; meanwhile, next door, Peter infuriates everyone by taking up pipe smoking.


Dead Grandma

David has to attend his grandma's funeral, where his family is traumatised by seeing her in an open coffin.


The Skip

David, Ethan, and Peter attempt to dump some rubbish in an uptight neighbour's skip, while Eva puts the immigration inspectors off the scent by posing as a conceptual artist.



David is terrorised in the gym steam room by an obese man who stands too near while huffing and slapping himself; Peter is annoyed that the Club Biscuit kitchen staff won't serve him a rare burger.


Hair Today

Peter is taunted about his haircut; Eva intends to return to Slovenia, leaving David to hunt for a new cleaner.



Peter falls for a lifestyle journalist who writes about his shortcomings every week in her column. Meanwhile, Eva, desperate for a residency permit, offers Ethan 2,000 pounds to marry her.


Nut Allergy

David meets a beautiful woman at an allergy clinic, and Ethan tries to persuade the others to join him in a Thanksgiving dinner.


In the Valley of the Blind

Peter, who is blind in one eye, starts going out with a woman who is phobic about blind people, and Eva's mother wants to come and stay.



After a confusing incident in the toilets, Club Biscuit has to employ a Drugs Tsar and Josh is named the successor of the King of Calligraphy.


Dream Home

Someone is using the phone at one of David's building sites for immoral purposes, and Ethan suspects that his girlfriend may be a transsexual.


Inventions Now


En Suite

Gail Porter refuses to stay over with Ethan because he doesn't have an en-suite bathroom; Eva decides to testify against her former lover, now on trial for mass murder; and rumours about Peter abound, following his misguided decision to grow a moustache.


Religious Uncertainty

After discovering that he is adopted, David begins to contemplate the possibility that he may be Jewish; Eva's sister turns out to be an idiot savant; and Club Biscuit holds its first pub quiz.