Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts


The story centers around Akihisa Yoshii, the "baka" of the title. His academy rigidly divides up the student body into classes based on the results of tests. The prodigies are in the A class with reclining seats complete with air conditioning, but Akihisa is in F class, the lowest rung of the school ladder which is furnished only with low, decrepit tables and worn-out straw tatami mats. A girl named Mizuki Himeji is actually one of the smartest girls in Akihisa's sophomore year, but she had a fever on test day and was pigeonholed into the F class. Besides Mizuki (who Akihisa secretly adores), the F class also has Yūji Sakamoto, the class president who has been Akihisa's friend and partner-in-crime since the freshman year. The school happens to have developed experiments to summon fantasy creatures, and Akihisa decides to rally F class to take on the higher-tiered classes and seize their perks. The F class uses the summoned creatures in an all-out battle for school supremacy.

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Christmas Special


Specials 1 - Impossible Baka Mission 1


Specials 2 - Impossible Baka Mission 2


Specials 3 - Cross-Dressing


Specials 4 - Himeji Girls' Meal


Specials 5 - The King Game at Fumizuki Academy


Specials 6 - Baka Tales


Matsuri Special - LIPS Eizou

A promotional video that was shown to the public at Comiket 78, and uploaded to YouTube and posted on the official website. It was also included with the first Blu-ray/DVD volume of the Matsuri OVA. It is done in the style of a visual novel game played on a Nintendo DS screen.


Matsuri 1 - Me, Maids, and a New Start

Class F works on a Chinese maid café for the school's cultural festival. At first, the plan works out okay, but soon the Tonkonatsu duo come along and accidentally eat one of the sample sesame balls, which were made by Himeji's terrible cooking skills. Accusing them of trying to kill them, Yūji uses "Persuasive Negotiations" in the forms of "Persuasive Negations using Fists", "Persuasive Negations using Kicks" and "Persuasive Negations using Wrestling", which drives away the duo. After their departure, business starts to fail. Minami's little sister arrives, promising to help. She tells them that while she was looking Akihisa, people tell her bad rumors about the Chinese cafe. Yūji deducts that the failure of their business is because the Tonkonatsu duo is spreading ill rumors about them. This is confirmed with a visit to class A's Maid Cafe, while watching the Tonkonatsu duo shouting out the rumors. Akihisa and Yūji hatch a plan to ruin the duo's image, (which involves Akihisa wearing a maid costume) and works greatly. The duo does not appreciate this, and kidnap Hideyoshi. Akihisa misinterprets and thinks they kidnapped Himeji and Minami. The Duo states that they are going to "have their fun with them". They then use Kōta's various hidden cameras and audio cameras to find the duo in the athletic's storage. Akihisa storms toward the storage still in the maid outfit, and punches the duo. He awkwardly finds Hideyoshi playing a board game(she also explains that Minami and Himeji are at the cafe). At the end of the day, their Chinese Cafe earns enough money to buy the equipment they want (with the help of Kōta and his "deluxe photo collection") , but they can only buy the equipment under one condition: they must win a Summoning Contest. Kōta announces the favorite maid of the day, and it was Akihisa. Both Himeji, Minami and Hideyoshi ponder over this, while Akihisa freaks out over the said results.


Matsuri 2 - Idiots, Fireworks and the Summoner Tournament

Class F enters a summoned beast tournament in the hopes of winning better desks for their classroom. As they progress in the Summoning Tournament, they use tricks to win most of their battles, such as when they attempt to force Yūji into admitting he loves Shōko, but Yūji's resistance leads to his eventual unconsciousness and Akihasa using him as a puppet, with Hideyoshi using a voice muzzler to imitate Yūji's voice. Throughout the course of the tournament, Yūji suspects that someone is sabotaging the tournament, leading them to battle Classes B & A. In the end, The Tonkonatsu Duo are revealed to be the ones committing the said sabotage. Yūji secretly calls Pervert to cheat as well, changing the subject from the intended English to Japanese History, the only subject Akihasa studied hard for. they soon defeat them, but they run of to the PA system to reveal each other's cheating to change the win of Akihasa and Yūji into a stalemate, which defeats the purpose of them entering the tournament. Akihasa then runs after them, using a firework launcher to try and shoot them down. In the end, he accidentally bumped one of the other firework launchers, ending the night in a fiery blaze while Iron Man takes them both to their punishment. In the end, they had exhausted all their money compensating for the damage, and are saddened also since Mizuki will transfer to another school. However, when Mizuki reveals that she will not transfer, the entire gang, including Akihisa, are relieved.


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 1


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 2


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 3


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 4


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 5


Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou 6


BD special ep 1 ED


Hideyoshi Hideyoshi Magic

A short special included on the second volume of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Blu-ray/DVD release.


Hideyoshi Hideyoshi Magic Trailer


Hideyoshi Hideyoshi Magic Trailer 2


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 1


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 2


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 3


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 4


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 5


Shout BAKA in the Middle of the Audiovisual Room 6


Promotional Video 1


Promotional Video 2


Promotional Video 3




Matsuri Special 1 Alternate Ending Hideyoshi


Matsuri Special 2 Alternate Ending Himeji


Matsuri Special 3 Alternate Ending Minami


Matsuri Special 4 Alternate Ending Yoshii


Baka and Test Mini Special

Episode Description


Idiots, Classes and a Summoning War

The episode starts with the introduction of the school and the classification test (which is a test to determine your class). During the exam Himeji Mizuki faints from a fever and she is sent to the infirmary making her score in the exam a zero. Akihisa Yoshii discovers he is going into the worst class (Class F) and there he encounters Minami, Hideyoshi, Yuuji, and Kouta, who have all known Akihisa for years. Akihisa then makes fun of Minami's bust making a disturbance in the classroom. During the introductions, Mizuki arrives late to class F and happily discovers that Akihisa is also in class F. She then tells him that since she left the test ill she received a score zero aand thus was sent to Class F. Angered by this, Akihisa decides that he will attempt to send Mizuki to her correct classroom (Class A). To do this he consults Yuuji, telling him that they must declare a ESB war on class A, but his purpose is different. Yuuji decides to first declare war to class E, and he sends Akihisa to declare it (making the other class severely beat him up). As the battle starts, Minami, who is good at math, decides to take the front along with Hideyoshi and Voyeur. Akihisa stays with Yuuji. Meanwhile, Mizuki is taking a recovery test to earn points to bring her test score up from zero. When Minami is cornered by the representative of Class E, she too goes to take a recovery test and finds Mizuki solving questions rapidly. When Class E has defeated all of class F's students except Akihisa, Yuuji, and the girls, Yuuji then tells Akihisa to fight them, saying to show them his "true power" as the "Punishment Inspector". However, Akihisa's results prove to be useless and comical. Then Mizuki (and Minami) arrive, with Mizuki showing a score on a par with a class A score and easily takes out all of class E students. Yuuji then decides to not switch classroom facilities with the defeated Class E, saying he prefers to have Class E indebted to Class F. The episode finishes with Mizuki saying she likes being in Class F.


Lilies, Roses, and Physical Education

The episode starts with a flashback between Yuuji and Shouko (Class A's representative) talking about the reforms and a way to remember them. After that Akihisa accidentally pastes his hand to his desk with super glue and he is unable to remove it. During that class F is called by Class A and they are amazed to see their installments and the luxury their living. They encounter Yuuko (Hideyoshi's twin sister) who tells them that is insult that class F exists everyone gets mad except Yuuji who keeps calm. He then declares war to class A but the battle must be one-on-one, Yuuko declines but then Shouko accepts the challenge if the opposing team make a wish come true to the winning team and then she looks at Mizuki making Akihisa think that Shouko wants Mizuki for sexual purposes but Yuuko insists on five-to-five battle. Yuuji accepts but in exchange class F's participants can choose three of the 5 themes. Yuuji tells then that he has an startegy to defeat Shouko because the date in which the reforms took was wrong so he takes advantage of it. The battle finally starts. Class F's participants are Akihisa, Minami, Mizuki, Kouta, and Yuuji while Class A's participants are Shouko, Yuuko, Kubo, Aiko and one more girl. Hideyoshi is also present but he's put as the quadrilateral girl. The first battle is Minami Vs Yuuko were Yuuko easily wins. Akihisa is next but he doubts of fightning Yuuji then tricks him saying he is the strongest in their group...with that lie he fight but he is defeatly in a flash making him angry at Yuuji. The next fight is Aiko vs Kouta. Kouta asks for a health theme but discovers Aiko is pretty good on health in the "practical way" making Kouta nosebleed...Akihisa curses Aiko but then she says he needs to relax and that she will help the "practical way" making him and Kouta nosebleed then Minai and Mizuki take Akihisa apart from Aiko saying he doesn't need that knowledge but in the end Kouta won his battle. Kubo and Mizuki's fight is next where they have a battle showed in an imaginary way in other words a common anime fight, Mizuki wins the battle. Then is Yuuji Vs Shouko, for his battle he requests an elementary test to apply his strategy. Both finish their exam. Shouko scored 97 points because she answered the reforms date wrong....when everybody at class F were about chant victory the discover Yuuji's score was 53 points. Losing the battle make class F exchange their tables for coardboard boxes. When everyone was shouting at Yuuji, Shouko enters to reclaim her prize...when everyone waits for the supposed Yuri act Shouko asks Yuuji on a date which he refuses and is dragged on unconscious. The episode finishes with Minami and Mizuki taking Akihisa out for Crepes and movies.


Food Expenses, Dates, and Stun Guns

Akihisa and the girls go to the movies, only to bump into yuuji and shouko doing the same, although yuuji himself cannot escape due to her tazing him every chance he gets to escape. Next Sunday they go again to the movies, again bumping with shouko and yuuji. At the crepe shop both Minami and Mizuki try to feed Akihisa with their crepes, but Miharu, a girl who has a thing for Minami does not take it facing down.


Love, Spice, and Boxed Lunches

After supplementary lessons in a Sunday morning, Minami claims to have made too much lunch (actually she woke up early and made it) when her younger sister, Hazuki, brought with to school to share with Akihisa, Mizuki also has made a boxed lunch for him to try, much to the angst of the FFF inquisition. And as they are sitting at the rooftop, Yuuji, Kouta and Hideyoshi try her cooking, only to go nearly out cold due to her food.


Map, Treasures, and Striker Sigma V

The principal initiates a treasure hunting event in which the grand prize is a mystery item. Each class is divided into groups of three. Akihisa is paired up with Yuuji and Hideyoshi and teams must solve all papers that have the coordinates. Akihisa then solely relies on his coded pencils... and a certain pencil...


Me, the Pool, and Swimsuit Paradise...and...

Yuuji visits Akihisa, only to have a skirmish and finally tries to bathe in the pool, but was stopped by Nishimura. As they were told to clean the pool next Saturday, Yuuji invites Kouta, Mizuki, Minami and Hideyoshi to help along. He also invites Shouko, out of fear of what she will do to him when she learns of their event. Hilarity in the pool and baths ensues....


Me, Shouko, and Kisaragi Grand Park

Shouko appears in Yuuji's bedroom to convince him to go with her to the Kisaragi Grand Park (or rather forcing him into going by threatening to burn all of his porn) in order to participate in the mock-wedding event by showing him the premium ticket. Yuuji, on the other hand, isnt so willing and curses Akihisa for giving her the ticket (see episode 5). As they go to the park, the group of friends are there to support them by working part time.....


Runaway, Mazes, and Summoned Beast Instrumentality Project

The first we have Minami fussing over a photo in Akihisa's hand, then challenging him to a mock ESB, but the ESB field glitches, and the beings are acting weird, especially Akihisa's, and have taken adult versions of themselves. The principal sends Akihisa in, with his friends in the control room guiding him. But little did he know what was he going to face as his shoukanjuu clambers up the vent entrance...


Kisses, Breasts, and Ponytails

Akihisa's sister, Akira, comes to his house to check up on him, and checking to see if there are evidences of any girl in his life besides her, much to his angst. Things go from bad to worse for him when his friends suspect him of hiding something, and Mizuki, who now was acting strange after Kouta stated that he might have a girlfriend, wants to enter his room. Then as they reach the door, a surprise awaits them which can test both Mizuki and Minami's denial...


Mock Exams, Phantom Thieves, and Love Letters

Mizuki tries to give Akihisa her love letter, but complications arise when things go wrong when she tries.... And it gets worse when her love letter, along with the inner circle's own belongings are stored along with the mock tests in the vault. Then a seemingly suspicious student appears to help them in their time of need....


Rivals, Love Poems, and Blitzkrieg

Class F begins to strike by fighting Class D, only to win and is pitted against Class B. Nemoto, the class representative resorts to sneaky underhanded tactics to try and win, by demoralizing Class F through trashing their room and affect Mizuki by tearing open her love letter. Akihisa, now enraged, attempts a stunt that could change the outcome of the war between classes B and F through his being....


Love, Courage, and Our Battle Has Just Begun! (Temporary)

Class F now is planning to defeat Class A, and does this by first slowly sapping them by letting them fight with other classes, with Class C agitated by Hideyoshi acting like his sister. Action and silliness ensues....


Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts

After the events in the previous episode, Akihisa manages to convince the principal to change Mizuki's class, but before he was about to be rejected, Shouko and Yuuko appear to ask for a rematch since the victory was cheap. Akihisa decides to fight alone.... but this time, its for Mizuki. Shouko has other plans for Yuuji if she wins.... through a marriage contract...
Episode Description


Me, Everyone, and Swimming in the Ocean!

Akihisa, Mizuki, Minami, Yuji, Hideyoshi, Kota, Shoko, Aiko, and Akira head to the beach for an overnight stay after Akihisa finally convinces his sister to let the girls go along. Later on Akihisa and Yuji see that everyone was getting hit on except for them (Shockingly Kota was getting hit on as well), they attempt to hit on girls. However, in the end their attempt was futile and they ended up getting punished by the girls.


Me, Yukata, and Festivities!

The group then goes to the ongoing festival held, and Akihisa notices the yukata contest that is to happen. The girls take this opportunity to punish the boys fully... by letting them wear enter the contest while crossdressing.


Me, That Girl, and a Stuffed Toy!

Hideyoshi and Yūko decide to switch roles for the time being since she cannot sing, and various rumors and suspicions are spread at the end of the day. The second part rolls back on how Akihisa met Hazuki, became the Punishment Inspector, and getting the affections of both Minami and Mizuki.


Me, Secrets, and a Man's Dignity!

In the first part, Akihisa, Yūji, Kōta and Hideyoshi play a customized version of doubt. Mizuki arrives to talk with the guys but to no avail and eats a chocolate that she received, then starts acting very strange while still smiling... to the point of scaring Akihisa. Second part has the shōkanjūs become sentient, but the chibis also reveal exactly what their summoners are thinking...


Me, Peeping, and the Training Camp!

Blackmailed by an unknown assailant, Akihisa and Yūji decide to find the culprit among the girls with the help of Kōta and Hideyoshi, their only clue being that of a burn left by culprit's mother's punishment. Before the group could continue further, a group of girls arrive in their room and say THEY installed a micro videocam in the girls' changing room...


Me, Peeping, and Friendship Amongst Men

Failing in the previous encounter due to the strong defense, Akihisa, Yūji, Kōta and Hideyoshi plan another breakthrough by inspiring the males of both their own and the other classes to reach the girls bathroom. as the probing commences, the quartet comes into heavy resistance... particularly from the girls themselves...


Me, Peeping and Far Arcadia!

On the last night of the training camp after failing to peep on the girls bath yet again, the boys have one last hope to do it. they enlist the boys of every other class by giving them pictures of Himeji in her bath robe, inciting them with enough lust to get them on their side. Meanwhile, Akihisa accidentally tells Minami that he loves her in a text message. The battle is hard won, but after only seeing the principal washing herself, all 2nd year boys are suspended for a period of one week. On the returning day of school, Minami kisses Akihisa to his and Himeji's shock without any warning.


Me, Japan and the Language I'm Unfamiliar With

In this episode Minami tells her story, and how she met Akihisa, At first she doesn't understand a lot of Japanese , but she tries her best to understand it. When Akihisa first walks up to her in class he asks her to be friends in French, mixing up French for German, but Minami jumps to conclusions and misunderstands him. At the end of the episode Minami finds out what he is saying and tell him that Minami and Akihisa can be friends.


Me, Romance and Diplomacy!

The episode kicks off after Minami kisses Akihisa in front of Mizuki, and things get complicated in their relationship. Meanwhile, there is evidence that there may by a war between classes F, D, and B, as Miharu is jealous of Akihisa's and Minami's "relationship," and Nemoto wanting revenge on Class F for humiliating him.


Me, Romance, and the Art of Love!

After the turbulence between Akihisa and Minami, Miharu is confronted by Akihisa (In hopes to anger her for a ESB). Akihisa successfully enrages Miharu for a battle on the school roof. After Aki gains the upper hand, he is "betrayed" by his classmates and attacked. Yuji strikes a truce with Miharu. It is revealed in the epilogue, Akihisa admits his true feelings about Minami through a tape Voyeur secretly recorded. Minami overhears this tape outside the classroom and later admits to her sister "Your sister has fallen hard for someone..."


Yuuji, Shouko and the Childhood Memories

Yūji and Shōko reminisce of an elementary school (5th grade) memory. Yūji, at the time, was considered a genius, surpassing 6th graders, and was very overconfident and selfish. A trio of jealous 6th graders try to blackmail Yūji by writing "I cheated on all of my tests" on his P.E. uniform. Shōko, already in love with Yūji, tries to stop them. However, she fails and is bullied. Yūji notices them, and decides to save Shōko, by fighting the 6th graders. Later that day, Yūji comes home beaten, and Shōko explains to his mother. Yūji's mother then lets little Shōko know that she is rooting for Shōko to gain Yūji's love.


Idiots, a Fool, and Requiem!

The enemies from the past return to have a little revenge. Being embarrassed by students a year lower than them some time ago, Tsunemura and Natsukawa somewhat thought of a little way to get some payback. The system in the school, already being a little broken again for the third time, gave their principal an idea to give the students a way to settle their little fight. They decided to have a little RPG like game, on where a pair of two each time enters areas where they have to defeat the enemies en route to the final destination. The episode ends with an unfinished game and Tsunemura confessing to Hideyoshi, who refuses.


Idiots and Tests and Summoned Creatures!

As the 2nd years' forces are dwindling, Minami and Akihisa enter the battlefield. After escaping from Miharu, Minami faints from fear. As a result, Akihisa lets her rest and goes with Mizuki. As Mizuki is telling off Akihisa for calling her a princess, the room becomes pitch black and Akihisa then pairs with Yuuji, while Mizuki finds Shouko. As the "summerfags" Tsunemura and Natsukawa prepare to battle the pair of girls, Mizuki screams at the seniors for degrading Akihisa and Yuuji, causing the girls to get eliminated. After hearing Mizuki, Akihisa and Yuuji battle the summerfags. After outwitting the summerfags, Akihisa and Yuuji win. Afterwards, Akihisa apologizes to Mizuki, who forgives him, requests that he calls her by first name, and kisses his cheek, telling him that her crush from season 1 (Akihisa himself) is still strong. Afterwards, Minami comes and asks why Akihisa didn't stay with her, causing misunderstanding and confusion, and Akihisa is chased by the girls. Yuuji also runs away from Shouko, who demands marriage for not partnering up with her. Then, all the students and Iron Man run outside in a circle.