Bam's Unholy Union


Pro skateboarder and MTV Jackass alum Bam Margera chronicles the moments leading up to his wedding where he will marry Melissa Rothstein who he has known since they were little kids.

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Episode Description


Finale Special

Some of Bam and Missy's closest friends and family send them messages during the wedding reception.


Ape & Phils Trips (Origionally Aired On MTV.Com)


Deleted Scenes


My Idea of Fun (Iggy Pop Music Video)


Bam's World Domination - The Tough Guy Challenge

“The Tough Guy Challenge,” a grueling test of man’s will to survive, features participants battling an eight-mile obstacle course full of smoke, fire, barbed wire, freezing water and fields of mud. Margera and his crew seek to show the Brits that they can tackle any physical challenge, no matter how perilous, as this race often proves to be. Leading up to the race, cameras will follow Margera and his friends as they meet up with some locals and bring their own special brand of American mayhem. From downing pints in London pubs to taking an impromptu dip in the frigid Thames River, Margera and his buddies will stop at nothing in order to leave their mark on England.
Episode Description


Welcome to Hell

Bam and Missy have three months until the wedding and they have to search for a venue that can hold a few hundred people. They also hold an engagement party for some of their family and friends that will be attending the wedding.


Open Season on Brides

Bam and Missy try to hire a wedding planner and Missy looks for her wedding dress.


Detroit Rock City

Bam and Missy go in search of wedding rings; the venue is still in question.


Off With Her Shirt

Missy and Bam finally locate a venue; the couple gets an offer from Playboy.


Flipping the Christmas Bird

Missy worries about preparing her first Christmas Eve dinner; Bam wants to spruce up the house.


The Unicorn Whisperer

Missy tries to finalize wedding plans as Bam parties with Novak.


Bam's Gone Wild

The entire Jackass crew joins Bam in his bachelor party in Vegas.


I'll Never Be Single Again

Bam and Missy get some last minute details finish in order to prepare for the wedding. Bam continues work on a skating rank that has to be finish by the wedding date. Bam & company play a prank on Phil. They have their rehearsal dinner.


The Unholy Union

After spending one last time as a bachelor with his friends on a skate-boarding park in the backyard, Bam and Missy finally get married.