Bandler - The Class of a Master


Episode Description


Volume 1 : Instant Talent

This mind expanding DVD, Dr Richard Bandler will explode your limiting ideas about the true source of talent by working with people who believe they have no artisitic ability. Through an eloquent system of hypnotic inductions, these people break through their limitations and suprise themselves with sudden demostrations of their newfound creative ability.


Volume 2 : Inner Beauty

Imagine the possibilities as you witness two women undergo an extraordinary hypnotic self-image transformation. People who watched this demostration live were amazed at how the women seemed to actually become more beautiful as they saw themselves as beautiful. The changes they made during this session positivley impacted not only their self-esteem but their behaviour as well.


Volume 3 : Rapid Hypnotic Inductions

Because he is famous for the speed of his change work, Dr Richard Bandler is constantly being asked how he performs such rapid hypnotic inductions. In This DVD he demostates numerous elegant examples of how to quickly induce deep trance in anybody - including you!


Volume 4 : Fantastic Futures

The way we lead our lives is a direct result of how we view the future. On this DVD Dr Richard Bandler demostrates how easy it is to create a compellingly positive future and change your destiny for the better.