Bang! Bang! It's Reeves and Mortimer


Bang Bang - It's Reeves and Mortimer continues the anarchic and surreal blend of offbeat comedy that has made the duo so popular. The series is arguably a continuation of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, although a number of new characters were added. There's also a spoof fly-on-the-wall documentary about Baron's Night Club – a clear precursor to Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights . The high-voiced Stott brothers--who appeared in Vic Reeves Big Night Out --return to terrorise celebrities. The show capitalised on the duo's success with the spoof game show Shooting Stars and brought in a darker edge to their humour.

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Episode Description


The Club

The full length docusoap from Erotic Night right through to Les Dennis.
Episode Description


Episode 1

A man has a spot of bother with a dancing monkey. Plus, Vic teaches Bob how to attract the ladies using mega-babe Caprice, and the Stotts interview racing driver Damon Hill.


Episode 2

Sinead O'Connor joins in the fun as Vic forks out for a new vacuum cleaner, a couple of very odd German dancers, a talent competition devised by Paul Barron, and a rendition of 'Smoke on the Water' by members of the cabinet.


Episode 3

The Stotts conduct a high-brow interview with Nick Ross of Crimewatch and the hunt is on for America's most incredible vegetable. A talent show is held at the club and it looks like the judges will have their work cut out : the contestants range from a man with a dead fox on his head to a farmer with an astoundingly large piece of machinery.


Episode 4

The Stotts interview model Caprice and a crazed hillbilly kidnaps a quartet of celebrities. Kinky John's new boy-band Mandate strut their funky stuff at the Club, while Vic takes home a ship's engine for his attic.


Episode 5

The usual pan-slinging escalates to the point of whole cookers being thrown, while Kinky John faces being usurped at the club by Les Dennis. Sniffing becomes the order of the day, and hypnotist Paul McKenna falls under the spell of Donald and Davey Stott.


Episode 6

Les Dennis debuts on stage at Baron's nightclub, while offbeat musical duo Mulligan and O'Hare offer a sneak preview of their new album and the Stotts interview outspoken director Michael Winner.