Bargain Hunt (AU)


Over five nights, two teams of two contestants – the Red team and the Blue team – are each handed a budget and let loose at an antiques fair. They have just one-hour to trawl the stalls for items that they hope to sell later for a higher price. Each team is assigned an antiques expert to advise and tell them about the items which catch their eye. But expert help is not always enough to curb the … Read Moreamateurs’ enthusiasm for an unwise purchase. The team which makes the most profit (or invariably, the least loss) wins. The Bargain Hunt Australia team includes effervescent host Tim Wonnacott and two of his trusty antiques experts, David Barby and Paul Laidlaw. With lots of laughs and valuable lessons along the way, will the Aussie teams find out that it’s not as easy as it looks?

Episode Description


Episode 1

Tim and experts Paul & David arrive down under for the first of their Aussie Bargain Hunts. In this Sydney based show Tim finds an 1888 cricket lover's locket & showcases Macquarie's intriguing Collectors Chest at the NSW State Library.


Episode 2

Melbourne's Chapel St Bazaar provides an eclectic backdrop for excited Aussie bargain hunters. Tim finds a small lacquered box he thinks might fetch up to 80 times its current asking price & surprisingly, unearths Napolean's Death Mask.


Episode 3

It's Australia v Britain as married teams battle it out. Tim looks dapper climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge & visits Govt House where he shows us a precious historic item commissioned by Governor Arthur Phillip.


Episode 4

Melbourne's Malvern Antique Centre hosts this episode with one of the teams joining the elite 'Golden Gavellers' club by only making profits at the auction. Tim visits The Briars, an historic Homestead at Mt Martha.


Episode 5

The Sydney Antique Centre plays host to 4 Antipodean Bargain Hunters in another great Aussie version of the show. As the teams battle it out on the shop floor, Tim adds to his sparkle with a set of Twinkling Eyes, a 1950s novelty item.