Baseball's Golden Age


The series takes a walk into baseball history and showcases never-before-seen footage from players, teams, families, and fans' personal archives. The series focuses primarily on early baseball from the 1930's to the 1960's, before the start of widespread broadcasting. Produced by Flagstaff Films, and narrated by Alec Baldwin.

Episode Description


DiMaggio, Williams & the Great Bambino

Includes segments: The Sights and Sounds of the Game; Joltin Joe vs The Splendid Splinter; Great Rivalries of the Golden Age; and Call to the Pen: Leigh Montville, from 'The Big Bam'


The Greatest All-Stars Ever

Includes segments: All-Star Game; The Gas House Gang; Yankee Stadium; and Call to the Pen: Donald Honig, from 'Baseball America'


When The Game Changed Forever

Includes segments: Welcome to the Big Leagues; Jackie Robinson & the Noble Experiment; One Hit Wonders; and Call to the Pen: Tom Stanton, from 'The Road to Cooperstown'


The Boys of Spring

Includes segments: Rites of Spring; Latin Explosion; The Lost Teams; and Call to the Pen: Robert Creamer, from 'Stengel: His Life & Times'


Willie, Mickey and the Duke

Includes segments: Willie, Mickey and the Duke; Ebbets Field; Barnstorming; and Call to the Pen: Roger Kahn, from 'The Era, 1947-1957: When the Yankees, the Giants, and the Dodgers Ruled the World'


The War Years

Includes segments: Opening Day; The War Years; Pacific Coast League; and Call to the Pen: Gay Talese


Baseball's Biggest Move

Includes segments: Western Expansion; Tours of Japan; Stan Musial and the St. Louis Cardinals; and Call to the Pen: Ray Robinson, from 'Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time'


The Dynasty Begins

Includes segments: The Yankees of Ruth and Gehrig; Economics of the Game; Fenway Park; and Call to the Pen: Peter Knobler, from 'Subway Series'


The Greatest Season Ever

Includes segments: The Brooklyn Dodgers; 1941; Old Timers' Day; and Call to the Pen: Elinor Nauen


The Greatest Pitchers of the Era

Includes segments: Golden Arms; Lost Ballparks; The NY Giants; and Call to the Pen: Maury Allen, from 'Jackie Robinson: A Life Remembered'


The Shoulders of Giants

Includes segments: Meet the Mets; The DiMaggio Years; Wrigley Field; and Call to the Pen: Donald Honig, from 'Baseball America'


The Way It Was

Includes segments: The Way It Was; Washington Senators; Golden Age Uniforms; and Call to the Pen: Kal Wagenheim, from 'Clemente'


The Fall Classic

Includes segments: The Mantle Years; The Fall Classic; The Heart of the Game; and Call to the Pen: October 1938, from the NY Times