Beauty School Cop Outs


This new reality show follows eight wannabes as they learn the skills of the beauty industry. Living together in a house in Manchester, the rowdy bunch will be under expert guidance in a plush salon where they'll be given the opportunity of a lifetime to kickstart their beauty careers. They'll learn waxing, shaving and tattooing among other techniques - and even practice on real customers.

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Episode Description


Episode 1

The first arrivals show up in Manchester and start sounding each other out.


Episode 2

Jeremy is flirty with Sav after a heavy night - and Sacha isn't impressed!


Episode 3

The beauty students get to grips with their brand new world, but Jeremy and Richards 'bromance' starts to crack...


Episode 4

The boys' bet backfires when the girls spill the beans, leaving Richard tamping at Scarlett...


Episode 5

A spray tanning master class descends into chaos after Scarlett models topless, and Jeremy is evicted from the house for his bad behaviour...


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8