Beauty and the Beast (1996)


"Television doesn't get much more opinionated, heated, and topical than the ever-popular Beauty and the Beast. The program sees controversial radio broadcaster, Stan Zemanek, matching wits with a panel of beauties including Belinda Green, Jeanne Little, Johanna Griggs, Julia Morris, Donna Gubbay, Lisa Wilkinson, Prue MacSween, Maureen Duval and Ita Buttrose. When they are not tearing strips off each other in the battle to have their opinion heard, Stan and his panel offer sound advice to viewers seeking answers to life's toughest questions. No topic is taboo, and the diversity of opinions and advice offered makes for truly engaging entertainment"

Episode Description


January 4th

Topics for the day: Are drug takers good people? Should smokers breastfeed? Are Married men good targets? Do our teenagers need real world education and not just academic world? Young mothers- good or bad? Beauties present: Renae Leith, Rebecca le Tourneau, Maureen Duval, Prue MacSween, Carlotta and Jo Casamento


January 8th

Topics: Prostitution, Romance, Genetic DNA Alteration and Dating Older men. Beauties present: Prue MacSween, Rachael Lloyd, Cindy Pan, Judy Nunn, Fiona Patten and Pru Goward


January 9th


January 10th

Topics: Immigrants, Starting a magazine, Virginity, Closure of Ayers Rock and Stress. Beauties present: Carlotta, Cynthia J. Morton, Jeanne Little, Maureen Duval, Lisa Wilkinson and Prue MacSween


January 11th


January 22nd

Beauties present: Cindy Pan, Leigh Johnson, Jan Murray, Louisa Hatfield, Lisa Wilkinson and Rachael Lloyd